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Founded by Abbey Curran, a former Miss Iowa USA winner who was born with cerebral palsy, the pageant honors girls and young women who live with special needs and challenges. [43]. In September 2011, Carlson was named to the inaugural class of the Anoka High School Hall of Fame. [13]. On the morning of July 6, 2016, Carlson confirmed on her Twitter account that she was no longer with Fox News. That day, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes in the Superior Court of New Jersey. [20]. Carter, Bill (December 4, 2009). "For 'Today' and 'Fox and Friends,' Different Approaches on Disclosure". The New York Times. Retrieved December 9, 2009. Koblin, John (2016-07-06). "How Gretchen Carlson Took On the Chief of Fox News". The New York Times. ISSN. On October 4, 1997, Carlson married sports agent Casey Close. [46]. and offering her support for fellow victims of sexual harassment. [26]. Roger Yu (July 6, 2016). "Gretchen Carlson files sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox's Roger Ailes". USA Today. On August 10, 2018, 11 former Miss Americas released a statement [35]. Shortly thereafter, Carlson sat down for an interview with John Koblin of The New York Times, saying, "I wanted to stand up for other women who maybe faced similar circumstances." [23]. Schwindt, Oriana (2016-07-19). "Gretchen Carlson Offers Support for Victims of Sexual Harassment With Twitter Video". Retrieved 2016-08-03. In August 2018, Miss America 2018 Cara Mund wrote a letter to her fellow Miss America titleholders alleging that Carlson and Hopper "silenced me, reduced me, marginalized me, and essentially erased me in my role as Miss America." [38]. In 1984, Carlson was elected as one of the Anoka Homecoming attendants. [13]. Mund went on to say that after the new board took over in January, she "was given three talking points" and told to stick to them: That "Miss America is relevant"; that "the #MeToo movement started with a Miss America"; and that both she and Carlson were graduates of elite colleges. [39]. Roig-Franzia, Manuel; Highman, Scott; Farhi, Paul; Thompson, Krissah (July 22, 2016). "The Fall of Roger Ailes: He Made Fox News His 'Locker Room'—and Now Women Are Telling Their Stories". Style. In the talent competition of the contest, she played an excellent piece of violin solo which led her to the enormous amount of name and fame. Will, George (October 25, 2009). "GOP's New Lightning Rod". Real Clear Politics. Retrieved July 31, 2015. Liz Cho and Josh Elliott Affair, Boyfriend and Girlfriend. She has worked in modeling and took part in beauty contests from a little age. She is the winner of Miss America competition, where she represented her home Minnesota. She was able to grab the title in the year 1989. Months into her tenure as Chair of the Board of Miss America, 22 states held a vote of no confidence [33]. Her photos are widely viewed, and she is becoming increasingly popular among American TV viewers day by day. Fox News has publicized her to a great extent, and she is one of the favorite faces in America. Carlson partnered with the nonprofit organization All In Together to sponsor the "Gift Of Courage" Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative, a program meant to "bring civic leadership and advocacy training to thousands of underserved women across the country, with a special focus on empowering women who have experienced gender-based violence, discrimination, or harassment." [40]. In September 2016, Carlson and 21st Century Fox. Here Is Gretchen Carlson's Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Roger Ailes. He even looks trustworthy and totally non sleazy, right? I mean, look at this guy cosplaying Jabba The Hutt in the workplace and women get uppity with him. He is just a poor misunderstood soul. So Fox News is exactly behind the scenes how we imagined it would be. Shitty people running a shitty network. If these allegations are true, then Roger Ailes is just as reprehensible as his long history of intimidation and paranoia would suggest and I hope she soaks him for all she is legally entitled to. Having said that, given that she made her fortune playing dumb in service of an overtly hateful news organization that feeds off its viewers worst fears and actively belittles any attempt to acknowledge that this behavior exists and is a problem, it would be equally sweet justice if she were to get nothing. The part about Steve Doocy is exactly how I figured Steve Doocy to be. The following replies are approved. To see additional replies that are pending approval, click Show Pending. Warning: These may contain graphic material. He "refused to provide her with anywhere near the level of network media support and promotion provided to other Fox News hosts who did not complain about harassment and rebuff his sexual advances." Gasp! I wonder if she will name names. So Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly all slept with Roger? Today, former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson filed the following sexual harassment complaint against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes in the Superior Court of New Jersey. If you know any more about the circumstances of the lawsuit, please get in touch. Telling Carlson that she was "sexy" but "too much hard work.". I feel like this guy (and all guys like him) can be summed up by that one claim. Your value to me as a woman is a sexual, and you're hot, but apparently also intelligent and have standards. Which means I can't just fuck you and dismiss you when and how I please. I actually have to view you as a whole person and I don't want to, so I'll just sexually objectify you and make your life hell—just so you know your place. If true, I hope this guys gets DESTROYYYEEDDD. Yet another South Florida death metal band to be reckoned with, The Absence formed in Tampa in 2004, and has stuck to the Gothenburg school playbook since then: Even when they ramp up to thrash speeds (title track), they keep the focus on hummable riffs ("Wartorn") and intricate, even lyrical guitar lines ("Erased"). Frontman Jaime Stewart manages to stay comprehensible although his growling is plenty scary, and the rhythm section (Mike Leon, bass; Justin Reynolds, drums) is more than adequate. The main draw, though, is dual lead/rhythm guitarists Peter Joseph and Patrick Pintavalle, who deliver fury, speed and taste in a variety of pleasing combinations ("Solace," one of three instrumentals; "Hidden White"). Sure, you could say they simply do Arch Enemy, but when they do it as well as Arch Enemy does, who cares? Self-produced; no guests. (DBW). Miri Ben-Ari - Alec Berlin - Between The Buried And Me - Diane Birch - Black Milk - Blue: Original Cast Recording - Born Of Osiris - Murat Boz - John Brodeur -. I can't follow anything Ados (given name: Adem Oslu) is rapping about (though I found an online reference to the "anger of a lonely man"), and his voice is more confidently unassuming than captivating ("Kampana"), but the backing is enough to keep me coming back for more. I first heard this Virginia Beach band opening for Arch Enemy, and their detail-oriented but bare-knuckled brand of melodic death metal is similar in some respects: the pace is frenetic, the riffs are striking ("A March For The Sick"; "Closer To Cold"), and just when you least expect it there's an arena rock lick to crack you up (the gloriously overdone layered solos in "From Soulless To Shattered"). And like their Swedish cousins, the unrelenting intensity and formulaic structure can sometimes make you think you're listening to one undifferentiated mass of sound and fury ("Beyond Forlorn"; "The Ten Of Swords"). The lineup supporting singer/shredder/songwriter James Malone has frequently changed - on this disc it's Nick Cordle (guitar), Nathaniel Carter (bass) and Mike Van Dyne (drums) - and for all his abundant talent (I'd kill to write a tune like "Half Past Corpse O'Clock"), he would benefit from having an equal and opposing force in the group to combat the sometimes stifling sameness. (DBW). Funda Arar is younger than Turkish pop pioneers like Sezen Aksu and Nazan Öncel, but her sound is a throwback: stately strings bending like willows ("Sen Ve Ben"); bağlama and hand percussion in pop song structures (title track); a strong whiff of melancholy even on the most upbeat fare ("Piyango (Pou Gyrnas)"). She's not categorized as Arabesk: though the differences are slight, she uses more minor and major modes and keyboards than, say, Ceylan. The club-ready dance mix of "Aşkın Bana Değdi Değeli" comes across as concession rather than conviction. Producer Febyo Taşel (also Arar's husband) wrote most of the material, which ranges from passable (the bodice-bursting "Anman Adını") to sublime (the insidious "Gül Döşek"), and memorable either way ("Herkes Gibisin"). Overall, though, it's Arar's low center of gravity that makes the disc stand out from the pack: Lots of people could sing those notes, but very few can make me feel they actually mean something - I don't know how Arar does that (especially considering I don't know what most of the words mean) but I'm glad she does. (DBW). Mineral Kings - Ms. Dynamite - Gilbert Neal - The O.C. - Obscura -. Guitarists Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates do come up with some juicy riffs ("S. Yet another fantastic Swedish death metal band, though this time more technical than melodic ("Cold Heart Forged In Hell"). Guitarists Fredrik Schälin and Andreas Allenmark and bassist Henrik Drake (Conny Pettersson's drumming is a bit thin) form an unstoppable machine, combining the lumbering inevitability of a stoner band with the atonal unpredictability of a tech-experimental band - they end up sounding like a cross between Immolation and Necrophagist, but to my ears better than either. Each heavy groove leads into the next mindblowing riff which leads into the next headbanging break, and every song sounds better than the one before. After a while, I just sit there with my mouth open ("The Great Juggler"), and by the end of the disc I can't remember why I ever wanted to listen to anything else. They're recording a new album in 2013 after a long layoff, though as far as I know they haven't replace Allenmark, who left in 2008. (DBW). Romeo Must Die Soundtrack - David Ross - Ziynet Sali -. Standing In The Shadows Of Motown - Pamela Stonebrooke - Sylosis - Tanya Tagaq - Nichole Teemant - Them Crooked Vultures - Those Who Lie Beneath - Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Tig Wired - Tribella -. Call me old-fashioned, but I've always had a soft spot for early 90s hip hop tracks based on a couple of ear-catching samples with an evolving mix that may use loops but doesn't sound static. No one does this anymore (though Pharoah Monche comes close) so it's nice to hear someone in Turkey taking a rather successful stab at it (the Wu ish "Bir Avuc Ayıp"). Often the backing is straight-up rock/funk ("Farkina Varilivor") or string/vocal ("Basit") looping, but at times the Anatolian influence creeps in ("Kamber," where Ados is accompanied by a track-long bağlama solo). Petey Pablo - Parx-e - A Compilation Of Independent Music - Penguin Party - Pinhani -. The end result is rather like Green Day with heavier guitars ("Gunslinger"), and the weak political diatribes ("Critical Acclaim") only increase the similarity. The Unseen Guest - Elle Varner - A Very Special Christmas 5 - Rafael Vigilantics - War From A Harlots Mouth - Wayne Kounty - Gretchen Wilson - Xenocide - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Yasemin Yıldız - Yuck. Apart from the pompous instrumental "Light Of Day," though, there's a sameness to the material that starts to get to you by the end of the disc ("Portrait"). Produced by Mark Lewis. (DBW). This Montreal indie septet is possibly the worst, most overhyped critics' fave band I've ever heard. I mean, at least the guy from TV On The Radio can sing. Lead "singer" Win Butler has no range or projection - he sounds like Lou Reed without the accent - and he's probably the best thing about the group. Pretension factor is through the roof with turgidly deep lyrics (title track) and pompous orchestrations (the pseudo-Springsteen "Black Wave, Bad Vibrations"). Meanwhile, musicianship is beneath the floorboards, with rote chord progressions ("Keep The Car Running"; "Antichrist Television Blues") and plodding tempos ("Intervention"; "My Body Is A Cage") - the band members play a zillion different instruments, but find nothing interesting on any of them. The two passable tunes are the typically overblown "No Cars Go" and the uptempo Franz Ferdinand -style rocker "The Well & The Lighthouse": they're still worthless melodically but at least have some energy. (DBW). Pyramids Of Giza - Random Axe - Martha Redbone - Revocation - Rihanna - Roadside Zoo - Roadrunner United -. Due North - Ekrem Düzgünoğlu - 11 As In Adversaries - Lauren Ellis - Exit Strategy - The Faceless - Chris Francis - Franz Ferdinand - Funeral For A Friend - The Gallows - Glorior Belli - Gömkçe - Go-rin-no-sho - Hadise - Yusuf Harpatlu - Havok - The Holy Goats - Benji Hughes - Idle Warship - Immortal Technique - Intervals - Job For A Cowboy - Kaiser Chiefs - Işın Karaca - Uğur Karakuş - KEN mode - Göhkan Keser - Kiki & Herb - Killswitch Engage - The Knux - Kylesa - Lamb Of God - Liferuiner - Jana Losey - M.I.A. - The Mandolin Wind Project - Mastodon - Milking The Goatmachine -. Skyzoo - Sleigh Bells - Sparkles The Bahamian Diva - Regina Spektor - Spymob -. Lead vocalist M. Shadows has backed away from the metalcore screaming of the band's early releases, but his singing voice is too thin to project either emotion or menace, and often sounds downright wimpy on the melodic choruses. Meanwhile, The Rev's drumming is speedy but lacking in power, a cripping weakness in what's usually the center of a modern metal band.