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Now that you've bid on keywords for a strong showing in the PPC search engines, it's time to tackle the organic search engines and directories. Search engines like Google and directories like Yahoo! can still be a great source of free traffic for your website. The trick is getting a competitive ranking for your best keywords. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More. Share this Link Preparing your link COPY LINK. Teresa Foo is the founder of Balm Kitchen in Singapore. She develops products for dry and itchy skin and specialises in body care and lip care. As Balm Kitchen grew, so did Teresa's interest in the science of natural skin care formulations which is how she ended up studying with Formula Botanica. She is particularly interested in formulating customised products as she believes every skin profile is unique. Dewi Kauw started SkinDewi in Indonesia in 2015 to create her own natural skincare range using high performance extracts. Her products include Indonesian botanical ingredients, as well as cosmeceuticals known for their skin performance. Dewi teaches organic skincare workshops in Indonesia (Jakarta) and Singapore and as if that all wasn't enough, she also sells cosmetic ingredients for formulators around Southeast Asia. Leah Jade runs an online retail store called Organic Beauty Co which. LilFox Botanicals was born in the lush jungle of Miami, Florida, USA. Created by Alexis Rose after studying with Formula Botanica, LilFox is the culmination of her most sensory passions. A place where organic botanical aromas, crystals collected from deep within the earth and a love of natural beauty meet to enhance your foxiest luxury experience. She invites you to follow the fox deep into the forest and bring the enchanted spa home. . Khulan is Mongolia's first organic skincare entrepreneur. In 2014 she set up LHAMOUR Skincare, to sell organic skincare products in Mongolia and beyond. Her wonderful brand has been the first to be certified organic by the Mongolian government and she is now selling the first Mongolian bath bombs. Khulan has many plans, including growing and cold pressing her own plant oils to use in her own skincare and sell through the Far East (and rest of the world!). Khulan has followed a number of Formula Botanica's courses and is going to take the world by storm with her wonderful brand. Handmaids Cosmetic was founded by Maia Mitreva, Formula Botanica's first Bulgarian graduate. Maia likes to say that her business 'started with a rash'. She couldn't find a solution to heal a skin problem she had and then turned to traditional Bulgarian herbal medicine. It worked beautifully and after that she was hooked on natural, simple, pure cosmetics. After a couple of years of formulating, testing and developing, she now run Handmaids Cosmetic and sells balms, creams and salves. is aimed at bringing together high quality, carefully selected, natural and certified organic skincare and cosmetics brands, from Australia and overseas in the one place. Leah studied with Formula Botanica to gain knowledge for selecting the brands she brings on board. Her course provided Leah with the knowledge to understand the ingredients and the role they play in the formulations. Rumbi launched Mimi's Organics in 2014. Mimi's Organics is a real heart-based business, both in how it's run and the reasons why it exists. The business represents both quality and care in the organic skin care sector, by creating food grade based products that use only natural, organic quality, ethically traded raw materials. Using ingredients such as Neem, avocado, cocoa and shea butters, as well as oils like rosehip, squalane and sea buckthorn, Rumbi has created her fabulous skincare range. Read more about Pascale and Blue Labelle here. . Be Fraîche is an Australian-owned and made all-natural skincare company that creates natural, sensory and active skincare for belles and beaux who love smooth, healthy and balanced skin. Run by Formula Botanica graduate Helen Dao, the products at Be Fraîche are formulated by fusing together the most powerful Asian and Western ingredients and French aromas. Helen mills and sterilises her own Adzuki bean powder to ensure its purity and freshness and carefully selects the high-quality essential oils to create products that not only smell great but also are effective. Read more about Maia and Handmaids Cosmetic here. . Kypwell was founded by Inna Orlova, Formula Botanica graduate and entrepreneur. The brand was inspired by the healing power of the herbs and plants of Cyprus, as well as seeking to promote the Mediterranean island's traditional values and focus on essentials of life, health, family and friends. Kypwell goes way beyond 'just' a skincare brand however, as the brand also runs a wellbeing club, which is a holistic center offering personalized solutions for the body, mind and overall wellbeing. Read more about Audrey and Slow Living China. Read more about Oyeta and OKOKO Cosmetiques here. . Read more about Rumbi and Mimi's Organics here. . Read more about Anca and Mettā Skincare here. . Read more about Dominika, Elsie and BYBI Beauty here. . Zane spent her TEENhood in the meadows and woods of Latvia and was influenced by her mother who was a traditional medicinal doctor with a strong love of plants. Zane created Atlantis Skincare and Vauva Natural (her TEENren's line of skincare) to create a luxury brand of natural formulations for the face and body. She joined the Formula Botanica community in 2015 and found that our courses changed her life. Jennifer Tinsley is the Founder of Field Botanicals, a gorgeous brand developed with plant based, all natural botanicals that heal, protect and nourish the body, mind and soul. Jennifer hopes to evoke a feeling of being in a field of plants or flowers, regardless of where you are. She likes to think it brings the field to the city and brings the user the benefits of plants no matter where she is geographically. Formula Botanica is extremely proud of its graduates. These Formula Botanica graduates fly the flag for natural and organic skincare all around the world. All of the people running these companies have trained with Formula Botanica and have used the knowledge and skills gained from our courses to launch or grow their business. We strongly support these businesses and we hope you do too. Read more about Gareth Daniel and Old Faithful here. . Myra Qureshi founded Conatural in Pakistan with her sister Rema in 2014. After working in London for a decade, she moved to Pakistan and was amazed at the dearth of organic and natural cosmetic and personal care products in the market. Even the ones that were being sold as "organic" or "all-natural" were full of synthetic chemicals. Myra is allergic to many chemicals which gave her the idea to set up an organic and skincare brand in Pakistan that sold quality products at affordable prices. Conatural has been featured widely and is gaining a great following in Pakistan.