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Kitty menendez autopsy photos:
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I believe Steven Parent is the most innocent, blameless victim of the whole massacre.. not that anybody deserved what happened to them. It was terrible and the R2) Tinfoil might look okay at Warhol's Factory, but as an entire ensemble, it doesn't work. The official story about Steven Parent being there always sounded hokey. He drove many miles from where he lived, late at night, just to "sell a clock radio?" I've always thought that he and William Garretson were hooking up that night. Of course given the times it's obvious why Garretson didn't tell the police the truth, so that's where the clock radio cover story came from. No man in 1969 was going to tell the police, of all people, that he had just fucked another guy. Poor Steve Parent had the worst luck in the world. He had just left the guest house and was in his car at the end of the driveway, waiting for the gate to open, at the exact moment the killers walked from the street onto the driveway and Tex Watson shot him. If that poor TEEN had left literally ten seconds before he did, he would've gotten out of there unharmed. Will tinfoil on my computer screen protect me from the conspiracists?. What does 1968 have to do with sharon tate?. I wish I had the ability to make up insane shit and then believe in it wholeheartedly, like R15. Robert Evans, keep that name in mind, boys and girls. Evans wasn't charged with murder in the early 80s, but his producing partner was killed by the guy who was the Zodiac Killer, who was hired by another producer partner of Evans to kill the producer. I don't know how Evans wasn't charged, but he benefited financially from the murder of his producing partner by the Zodiac Killer guy. Polanski knew that Sharon was going to leave him after the birth of their TEEN, and Polanski would have been stuck paying alimony and TEEN support. Robert Evans, Polanski's godfather/benefactor, went through a divorce that same summer, and undoubtedly was telling Polanski about the horrible downside of divorce, alimony, and TEEN support. Watch this speech by Robert Evans, talking about the summer of 1968, his divorce, and his alimony and TEEN support. Skip to 1:35 if you're impatient, but he's talking about the summer of 1968: [quote]The 'victims' in this case perhaps were involved in drugs and TEENdy porn. Where did you get this information? Enough of this! Back to Steve Parent and the hot houseboy!!!. Bugliosi was full of dogshit. 'The Beatles made me do it!!!" The government and media lie about everything, for crap's sake. This whole story stinks and seems, at the very least, an effort to dismantle the 'hippie/anti-war movement' which was funny because the government created 'hippies' to discredit the anti-war movement, which before that was full of smart intellectuals. And then the 'hippies' came out of nowhere (conveniently settling in the same area the CIA/Government was making propaganda and covert ops). Just a coincidence, I'm sure. I laugh at these fucktards who can't fathom the idea of people doing things and getting away with it (conspiracy theory!). Shit happens every day, and people get arrested for conspiracy every day. Manson was just a dupe, like Oswald, the Tsarnev patsies, and the San Bernadino patsies. Fake Fake Fake. Even before Google there were, you know, BOOKS. And r2 is a nitwit Millennial who thinks OJ is innocent (I'm betting). r17, read the damn link. Bugliosi's wife tried to get him into a psych ward to be treated for his raging paranoia. All the documents were saved by the lawyer of the milkman and the mistress. You can read the newspaper articles about Bugliosi's mistress claiming Bugliosi beat the crap out of her, before she recanted her story after another visit from Bugliosi. In England, nobody believed that Jimmy Savile and two Lords were involved in a decades long pedophile sex ring that sometimes ended in murder. Now the media acts like it never happened, if they reported it at all. The producer of this movie brought his project to Robert Evans. They worked on the film together, until the producer demanded more money than Evans wanted to give him. So a hitman kills the producer, and Evans gets away with it. And the hitman turned out to be the 99% probable Zodiac Killer. Evans, Polanski, Zodiac Killer, Manson, bada bing, bada boom. "The Cotton Club is a 1984 crime-drama, centered on a Harlem jazz club of the 1930s, the Cotton Club. A musician named Dixie Dwyer begins working with mobsters to advance his career but falls in love with the girlfriend of gangland kingpin Dutch Schultz.". Abagail Folger was the unluckiest of them all. I think the next day was her birthday and she was flying the next day to meet her mom. The whole Manson saga is convoluted. It gets more bizarre when you throw in the fact that Tex Watson, at one point, lived in the same apartment complex as Rosemary Labianca's daughter, Suzanne LaBerge. The fabulous Rudi Altobelli who rented the Cielo Drive property first to Terry Melcher & Candice Bergen, and then later to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. Well Bugliosi is gone now, but the question about the LaBiancas remain.. Personally, I think Tex Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel know a lot more than they're saying. Abbie Folger's parents' coffee conglomerate had a huge interest in the Vietnam War continuing, because Vietnam was a huge source of their coffee. And Tate's father was a top general at that San Fran Proviso? Army Base. The founder of Temple of Set was a pedophilic top army intelligence guy at Proviso Army Base, and he was tied to the Proviso day care center sex abuse scandal. All this shit ties together. [QUOTE]MANSON wasn't even there You're an idiot. It was Manson who broke into the house and tied up the LaBiancas. He then went to the car and had his 'family' go inside and do their carnage. The purpose was twofold: duplicate the Hinman murder so that the LA judicial system would release family member Bobby Beausoleil. The second reason was an aspect of Manson's twisted Helter Skelter revolution. Manson had been to a few parties at a home just a door or two away. He knew the place. In addition, Rosemary LaBianca had told friends that several time that summer it appeared that someone had been in their home while they away and moved things. The Manson girls later admitted that all that spring & summer that they'd 'creepy crawled' many houses so that they would become adept at breaking in to murder people. Creepy crawling to the family was a B & E in which they go around the inside of a home while the occupants slept. Sometimes they'd move furniture or other items around so that when the owners got up in the am, they'd be disturbed by what they found. A gay connection to this case: Steven Parent was killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. His reason for being at Cielo Drive, when Parent lived all the way, miles away, in El Monte? To hook up with the Cielo Drive houseboy, William Garretson, who lived in a guesthouse on the property and was the only person to survive that night. Oh wait - the official story is that he went over on a Friday midnight to sell Garretson a clock radio. [bold][italic] Right!! [/bold[/italic]. r16, you probably think all those black people at Jonestown Agricultural Project all just willingly drank the kool aid, and it's just a coincidence that the US military left the bodies to rot in the sun for a week until autopsy was impossible. And JFK was killed by a magic bullet, and RFK was (conveniently) killed by a lone Palestinian. The day after dining with Sharon Tate and Polanski. Lyle Menendez smiles and attorney Michael Burt pays attention Friday as a mistrial is declared in Menendez's murder trial. (1/28/94) (L.A. Daily News file photo). Defense Attorneys Barry Levin, left, Terri Towery, center, and lead counsel for Lyle Menendez, Charles Gessler, right, stand back as Leslie Abramson, defense attorney for Erik Menendez speaks to the media, April 17, 1996, outside the courthouse in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles after the jury announced its recommendation of life in prison without possibility of parole for the two brothers for the 1989 murder of their parents. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes). Lyle and Erik Menendez, from left, appear in court with attorneys Marcia Morrissey and Jill Lansing. Erik and Lyle Menendez at Van Nuys Superior Court on February 8, 1993. Defense attorney Barry Levin watches as Erik Menendez looks at negatives of photos taken by his father when Erik was 6 years old, including his 6th birthday party and nude photos of Erik, during testimony in the double-murder trial of Erik and his brother Lyle Menendez Thursday, Dec. 7, 1995, in Van Nuys Superior Court in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon). Deputy District Attorney Pamela Bozanich cross-examines Lyle Menendez. (9/24/93) (L.A. Daily News file photo). On August 20, 1989, Lyle and Erik Menendez murdered their parents, Jose and Kitty, in the den of the family's home in Beverly Hills,. Erik Menendez, left, sits while his attorney, Leslie Abramson smiles after the jury recommended life in prison without the possibilty of parole Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at a court in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles. Erik and his brother Lyle were found guilty of the 1989 killing of their parents. (AP Photo/Phil McCarten, Pool). Leslie Abramson, Erik Menendez, Jill Lansing and Lyle Menendez, from left, sit in a courtroom at the Los Angeles criminal courts Tuesday, March 22, 1994. File - Anna Eriksson, the fiancee of Lyle Menendez, watches as Lyle and his brother Erik are sentenced in a courtroom in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles Tuesday, July 2, 1996. The brothers were sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. Judge Stanley Weisberg did not address Lyle's request to marry Eriksson, a longtime pen pal. (AP Photo/Pool,Sam Mircovich). Dianne Van der Molen, a cousin of Erik and Lyle Menendez, testifies in the Menendez brothers' murder trial in Los Angeles, Aug. 18, 1993. Van der Molen stated that in 1976, then-eight-year-old Lyle Menendez confided to her an instance of sexual molestation. It was the first evidence of sexual abuse in the trial of the brothers, who are accused of murdering their parents in 1989. (AP Photo/Nick Ut). Erik Menendez, left, and brother Lyle react to the judge's ruling that counseling session tapes can be used as evidence. (8/6/90). Leslie Abramson, defense attorney for Erik Menendez, waves goodbye to reporters after Superior Court Judge Stanley Weisberg sentenced Erik and his brother Lyle to life in prison without possibility of parole in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 2, 1996. The brothers were sentenced nearly seven years after they killed their wealthy parents in a salvo of shotgun blasts. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill). Defendants Erik and Lyle Menendez confer in court with Lyle's attorney, Michael Burt on December 3, 1993. This February 2, 1995 file photo shows Erik (L) and Lyle (R) Menendez conversing in the courtroom during a hearing in Los Angeles. The Menendez brothers were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole 17 April for the murder of their parents. Erik Menendez breaks down in tears as he tells jurors Monday, September 27, 1993, in Van Nuys Superior Court, how his father molested him for 12 years. Defendants Erik and Lyle Menendez confer in court with Lyle's attorney, Michael Burt on December 3, 1993. Attorney Barry Levin, co-counsel for Erik Menendez, speaks, April 17, 1996 in Los Angeles after a jury recommended life without parole for both Erik and Lyle Menendez for the murder of their parents in 1989. (AP Photo/Susan Sterner). Erik Menendez sits in a courtroom in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles Tuesday, July 2, 1996, just before he was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for killing his wealthy parents. Erik and his brother, Lyle, were sentenced nearly seven years after they killed their parents. (AP Photo/Pool, Sam Mircovich). File - Prosecutor David Conn presents final arguments to the jury in the Erik and Lyle Menendez murder trial in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles on Thursday, Feb. 22, 1996. For the second time in as many days, final arguments prompted a motion for mistrial based on Conn's suggestion there wasn't enough evidence to show the brothers were abused by their parents. (AP Photo/Nick Ut). Erik Menendez, left, and brother Lyle react to the judge's ruling that counseling session tapes can be used as evidence. 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