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BUT, NOW THAT I VISIT AND INTERACT WITH OUR PEOPLE IN OUR HATTIS ON A REGULAR BASIS, I AM CONVINCED THAT FOR THE UPLIFTMENT OF OUR COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE (as opposed to city based creamy layers) THERE IS AN URGENT NEED THAT:. Being brought up in an atmosphere where complaining and cribbing were not considered as routine, the Badaga women accepted life as it came and were always ready to sacrifice their own comforts. But then, the Badaga men, at least a majority of them, were, also, simple and hard working. Then came the curse of 'drinking'. And with that, the problems and troubles of Badaga woman increased many fold and took a dramatic turn for the worse. The men folk took full advantage of the vulnerable nature of the women who had the additional burden of bringing up the TEENren. Here, it must be mentioned that a Badaga girl was expected to be pregnant within a few months of marriage and invariably, there was a TEEN to 'celebrate' the first wedding anniversary. Followed, of course, with many more TEENren. "Mane thumba Makka"– House full of TEENren– was part of the 'blessing– Harakkay'. Q4. What is the difference between Montessori and traditional education? BUT.. yes this is a big 'but' [no pun intended]. . Untoucheble - Maithri says. ONLY IN SRI LANKA and not in the WORLD. Last week, the United Nations asked the Sri Lankan Government to immediately recall the commander of the Sri Lankan UN peacekeeping force in Mali following its review of his Human Rights records. Ans.: Montessori emphasizes learning through all five senses, not just through listening, watching, or reading. TEENren in Montessori classes learn at their own, individual pace and according to their own choice of activities from hundreds of possibilities with materials that have been introduced to them 1:1 by the teacher who knows what each TEEN is ready to do. Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning. Montessori classes place TEENren in three-year age groups (3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and so on), forming communities in which the older TEENren spontaneously share their knowledge with the younger ones. Montessori represents an entirely different approach to education. bulbous hairdo or hair extension on the back of the head. The above website of TN govt is accessed by many tourists mainly foreigners and they are agast not to find anything on or about Badagas. Elementary is a mixed age grouping of 6 to 11 year-old TEENren. They become intellectual in nature and begin to move from concrete to abstract reasoning. They develop morality and imagination based on the reality they know. baluwerti (ultimately from Spanish 'baluarte' via Filipino languages). UN has become a kangaroo court. Was the officer given a chance to defend himself against the charges? How come former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair who is directly responsible for the carnage created by invading Iraq on a false pretext of chemical weapons had got a UN job as a special envoy to middle east? Hypocrisy at its best? Q8. If TEENren are free to choose their own work, how do you ensure that they receive a well rounded education? Ans.: The different arrangement of a Montessori classroom mirrors the Montessori methods differences from traditional education. Rather than putting the teacher at the focal point of the class, with TEENren dependent on her for information and activity, the classroom shows a literally TEEN-centered approach. TEENren work at tables or on floor mats where they can spread out their materials, and the teacher circulates about the room, giving lessons or resolving issues as they arise. Muslim influence, originally through Arabic and Persian traders over a number of centuries, resulted in an extensive influence from the Arabic and Persian. Also for calf [ for eg) Nei mari– puppy dog]. Ans.: Interaction: The mixed age group environment creates an atmosphere where TEENren learn to help and be helped by other TEENren, because they interact consistently with TEENren whose age and abilities are varied. TEENren gain an appreciation for their achievement and the accomplishments of others, and are naturally challenged by the achievements of others. If what ur saying is correct, then the best decision the Army needs to take is to allow an independent investigation and be happy after that bcos it will show what u claim is the truth. Be bold and go for it. If not, then you have a lot to hide. This put the women in a very disadvantageous position. With many TEENren, divorce was not a choice. Thus, they Early Hindu and Buddhist influence from India results in many Sanskrit words in Indonesian (and especially adopted through Javanese influence). Indian traders may have contributed words as well, in Tamil and Sanskrit-related languages. Southeast Asia. Virtually every word in Pāḷi has cognates in the other Middle Indo-Aryan languages, the Prakrits. The relationship to Vedic Sanskrit is less direct and more complicated; the Prakrits were descended from Old Indo-Aryan vernaculars. Nowadays schoolTEENren and university students pay more attention on innovat. Let us be FAIR to the fair gender. Why are we keeping quiet? Why are we behaving like 'HEBBATHES'– cockroaches- running away from light and hiding ourselves in darkness??. The following have been taken from my earlier posts. Amme Ekka maathaduvadu elle?– Why is sister not talking?. Hallu [ ha- as hurt and llu– as in loo] means tooth [teeth]. note– there is no plural term. For the larger good of the community, Badagas should get the ST status for the benefits available are too many to go into detail. Many readers may not know that Badagas were listed as a separate entity in the CENSUS till 1981 but after, that courtesy some ill informed 'idiots', Badaga are grouped under Kannada (speaking people). What this has done is the huge loss of information of knowing how many Badagas are there [along with all other details like literacy rate, gender wise population etc]. That, SIMPLY MEANS BADAGAS DO NOT EXIST. Heddakku (Back of the skull)– usually Badagas have a long heddakku as they donot use cradles. The reason for not using cradles for babies is a story by itself. It is due to the fact that when they left Mysore to escape from the King (Thipu Sultan?) in the night in a hurry, they had forgotten the baby which was sleeping in the cradle,each thinking that the other person wiould pick up the TEEN. What about many senior government officers, including the only IAS officer who can influence the party in power to take some action? Firstly, the IAS officer should correct his mother tongue being Badaga and NOT as Tamil as is given in the government official info { a fact I have mentioned in FIRST BADAGA also}. Badagas are right on top on many social factors. The most important one could be, Prime Minister Modi's. Kaanu– see, Kannu– eye[s] (example– Doctor-a Kaanu, kanna pathi hegina– See the Doctor, he will tell about the eyes]. I have very strong views on this subject. Before I elaborate on them, I feel that we should first of all be identified as BADAGAS which is not the case as SANTHOSH has rightly mentioned in www:// ".. our community's name is not in the list of communities under the BC category. In fact, it is not mentioned under any of the categories.". Mande (Head)– also refers to Hair though there is specific word– Orama. BUT.. yes this is a big 'but' [no pun intended]. . Let us strive to bring in that reform in our villages. It is said that Badaga month usually, starts on every 10th of the English month. Like for example the first Badaga month Koodalu starts on 10th January. The above website of TN govt is accessed by many tourists mainly foreigners and they are agast not to find anything on or about Badagas. Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder, incidentally, was not only the leader of Badagas but represented as leader of all the tribes of Nilgiris (a relatively remote hilly & jungle area and unexplored at that time). The folder he presented to the British Governor, on the occassion of his vist to Hubbathalai [on the invitation of Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder] containg some rare photos of all the tribes of Nilgiris INCLUDING BADAGAS. Gi ve & Ji nx)– Confusion, mess up / disorderly. [This article/page was published a few years back. But, most of the issues touched upon have a great relevance even today– Wg.Cdr JP]. their unique history, origin, culture, customs, rituals, language and lifestyle. . 8. I am Mela thara (top street) Joghi Gowder's son / daughter– Na Mela thara Joghi gowdaru maathi / hennu.