Hands on stem activities for teens

Science on the Road targets students in grades K-8, combining high-energy, participatory assembly programs that feature videos of real scientists with inquiry-based activities that reinforce and expand the concepts presented in the assembly. Other aspects of the program include teacher training, pre- and post-visit activities, and in-depth classroom workshops. All programs anchor state academic standards and introduce students to career options in science and technology fields. GEMS is an off-site afterschool program that provides workshops for girls in grades 6-8. Each workshop focuses on a STEM topic and features local female role models in STEM careers. GEMS is offered at Pittsburgh Public Schools, the Wilkinsburg School District, and other partnering community organizations such as the Duquesne-West Mifflin Boys and Girls Club. Serving 6,000+ middle and high school students and teachers annually, connecting students to real world scientists and engineers from more than 40 companies and universities through a wide range of hands-on experiences. Mentor a student, offer tours at your site, stamp passports or judge at a competition these are a few of the opportunities available through our STEM programs. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for more information on our programs or a complete list of our volunteer opportunities. More than 1,700 students explore activity booths provided by companies and organizations to help students explore basic and applied chemistry. Carnegie STEM Girls, Career Exploration is an innovative resource to inspire girls to see themselves in STEM careers through gaming and online activities. The initiative encourages tweens and teens to challenge and expand their knowledge of diverse STEM subject matter with connections to related professions, potential career paths and women making a difference. Carnegie STEM Girls uses innovative gaming elements and a sense of community to teach, enrich and encourage youth in pursuit of their future professional selves. A high school competition involving teams from 30 schools engaged in an engineering task to develop a machine to solve a real world problem and present the solution to a team of judges for evaluation. Combo ticket discounts will be applied when all items are in your cart at the end of checkout. You may also like. Carnegie Science Center is currently working with 137 Head Start classrooms in Pittsburgh and Westmoreland County to provide teachers with the knowledge, confidence, and resources that they need to nurture a love and excitement for science in TEENren 3-5 years old. Carnegie Science Center provides teacher professional development, classroom programs, family science nights, and curriculum with materials to all of the 137 classrooms. Nearly 1,000 students explore activity booths sponsored by various universities, technology companies, and professional organizations that demonstrate all types of engineering. Carnegie Science Center and The Rangos Giant Cinema will open at noon on Sun., May 5. Tour Your Future is a career exploration program that gives tweens and teens, ages 11-17, an opportunity to meet female professionals who work in various organizations. The program shows girls that they can find a place in science by introducing them to diverse STEM careers, from avian zoologists to accountants, software engineers to surgeons at their work sites. To schedule a tour or for more information, please contact Tina Seidelson. ADDRESS One Allegheny Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 PHONE 412.237.3400. More than 1,000 6th– 12th graders compete for over $1 million in cash and scholarships. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] Keep up with all of our 21+ events. Just give us your name and email address. No refunds or exchanges will be offered for 21+ ticket sales. All guests are expected to drink responsibly and to ensure that they have a safe means of transportation before leaving the event. Come learn about the other "STEM" education at our wine tasting event, Stem. Have a drink at PacSci's Happy Hour event and enjoy games, hands-on activities, live science shows and more!.