Recipe for cherry bounce moonshine

We are just 5 miles from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. Use our KOA as your home away from home when exploring this great area. From exploring nature's beauty or letting loose at a waterpark, we can help you get your day started just minutes away. Typical residents of the recreation area's lakes and ponds are warm water fish largemouth bass and sunfish, green and pickerel frogs, painted turtles, and dragonflies, and damselflies.Many of the recreation area's ponds are favorite fishing spots for both park visitors and local residents. These waterbodies are also important foraging areas for water birds such as great blue herons, mallards, black ducks, and kingfishers. Some of the larger lakes serve as rest stops for migratory waterfowl. In addition to the more common ducks and geese, it is possible to spot some of the less common species such as pied-billed grebe and even the occasional loon.Pink lady's slipper (cypripedium acaule) or moccasin flower, a member of the orchid family, can also be found around Hidden Lake, along with Jack-in-the-pulpit. Please remember that all wildflowers within Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area are protected by federal law and may not be picked or dug up for transplanting. Routes for cars or smaller rigs I-80 Exit 310 N on River Road for 2.7 miles Left on Hollow Road (at Shawnee Playhouse) Campground is 3.2 miles down on Hollow Road (about 3/4 mile past Shawnee Ski Mountain) or I-84 Exit 53 on Route 209 South for 34 miles Left onto Hollow Road Campground is 1 mile down on the left. Have a safe journey and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make your vacation GREAT! Best Route for large RVs I-80 Exit 309 N on Route 209, 6.4 miles Bear Right onto Holy Cross Road Make Right onto Hollow Road Campground is 1 mile down on Hollow Road (if you pass Shawnee Ski Mountain you went too far). Plan the perfect trip from home or on the road with the official KOA app. Learn More. Big Wheel Roller Skating Center located in Stroudsburg, PA in the Poconos offers fun for all ages with Roller Skating, Roller Hockey, Birthday Parties and More!. Crayola Experience is where the magic of Crayola comes to life! With 65,000 square feet of attractions, Crayola Experience is Pennsylvania's most colorful family destination for interactive, creative play! Families typically spend 3-4 hours exploring our 26 hands-on attractions. 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The Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Mountain KOA is your rustic retreat from the everyday. Enjoy a walk around our wooded campground and enjoy a chance sighting of the many species of wildlife that inhabit the area. Turtles, bunnies, frogs, deer, birds of many feather, and scurries of chipmunks will definitely keep those looking for animals in nature amused. Hoppy the Deer, who has made her home on the campground for many years, is often seen foraging with her fawns. Canoeing, boating, and biking along the Delaware River. dogs and other pets not permitted; swimming and wading is not permitted anywhere within George W. TEENs Park; must stay on the trail at all times. Deluxe travel trailer- sleeps a family of up to 8, bathroom, kitchen, TV, DVD player. The Pocono Mountains' original brewpub was established in 1955 with a traditional Pennsylvania timber-frame barn raising. With 600 personalized beer mugs hanging along with a full-size canoe, and a custom mailbox made of a beer keg set our scene. Vertical: 800 feet Trails: 34 total; all are lighted for night skiing: 15% Expert - 24% Intermediate - 54% Novice - 7% Beginner Lifts: total - high-speed detachable quad chairlifts 3 triple chairlifts - 7 double chairlifts - 1 SunTEEN surface lift - 2 tubing lifts (magic carpets) Pet Friendly Kabins- sleeps up to 2 pets with their human companions. At KOA, we love having fun and inviting new folks to join us online as well as at our campgrounds. Share your camping experiences, stories, photos and videos! In the Pocono Mountains there are well over 300 geocaches listed within 50 miles of the Delaware Water Gap~Pocono Mountains KOA. Start off your treasure hunt with making your reservations here at the KOA, then find your first cache just a short walk from the registration office! Get started at Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your RV. Kalahari Water Park is the Poconos largest indoor waterpark and is approximately a half hour away from the KOA. Can't get better than winter camping and going to a waterpark in the same day! The only indoor waterpark in the Poconos that offers day passes! Grey Towers was built in 1886 by James and Mary Pinchot as a summer retreat. It was James who first recognized the reckless destruction of natural resources that was overtaking the nation in the 19th century. James encouraged his eldest son Gifford to consider a career in forestry, thus introducing the idea of conservation to America.Gifford Pinchot went on to establish and serve as the first Chief of the US Forest Service, and he was twice elected Governor of Pennsylvania. Between family, friends and political associates, Grey Towers was always bustling with activity and was central to advancing the Pinchots' social, political and conservation ideals. In 1963 the Pinchot family donated Grey Towers and its surrounding 102 acres to the US Forest Service. A lane leading off the Old High Street in nearby Hemel Hempstead is named Cherry Bounce and is shown having had this name in maps dating back to the early 19th century. The drink, however, is at least a century older. "Cherrybounce" is recorded as an individual's nickname in a House of Lords report in 1670. [2]. Yes Mildred, when the dark cherries go on sale, I stock up! Making cherry bounce is just the start of the recipes I love with this seasonal treat. All the best. and sugar. Some recipes will use rum, whiskey or vodka instead of brandy. " Ribeye Steak and Blistered Shishitos with Brown Butter. Over ice or straight up, Cherry Bounce will cheer you up. Hey Mickey– I'll let you do the math as per your size jar, but I used a 2-quart jar and found that 2 pounds (4 cups) of fresh Bing cherries was perfect. All the best. Hey KY- You are going to have the merriest Christmas ever! All the best. Cherries start showing up in early May so look for them and make this recipe when you see them. My wide-mouth 2-quart Ball jars are available on Amazon here. I use superfine caster sugar, but you'll be okay with regular. Some folks like more sugar, but I am not a fan of overly sweet drinks. Age for at least 6 months (if you can wait that long), but it only gets better with longer marination. Don't use the good stuff here: A blind taste test pitting Ancient Age bourbon against pricier upscale brands was an eye-opener that cheap can sometimes be better; pick up a bottle and try it for yourself. No need to remove the cherry pits, they will be discarded in the end. For a spritzer variation, cut the Cherry Bounce with carbonated soda water or use your bounce to make the tastiest Old Fashioned ever. After opening, refrigerate your Cherry Bounce indefinitely. 2 pounds (about 4 cups) fresh sweet dark cherries, such as Bing. It is said to have been one of George Washington's favorite drinks. anon., A case of assault against the Duke of Ormond, recorded in the House of Lords, Calendar, 1670-1, Eighth Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Appendix L, p. 156, George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, Printers to Her Majesty, 1881. Mari- In my recipe, I say "indefinitely," but I have a qualified instruction that is a part of my recipe: I strain off my cherries. Here's the deal: the infused alcohol (minus the whole fruit) will last indefinitely refrigerated, and will improve with age. But, if you choose to leave the cherries in the jar, you must keep them covered with liquid, and I recommend refrigerating it. Enjoy for many special occasions, if it lasts that long. Best to you. Pack the cherries in the jar, add the sugar and cover completely with bourbon. Hey Krisby– You're gonna have the happiest birthday ever! All the best. Cherry Bounce is a holiday recipe that is steeped in family tradition and entrenched in the moonshine heritage of the Deep South I grew up in. Around here, time-honored recipes for homespun family elixirs and toddies are a part of the cultural landscape of the South. I don't drink much. One or two glasses of wine per month. Don't drink much hard liquor at all. HOWEVER, this recipe has certainly peaked my interest. Will be putting a couple quart jars up and will check them out around Halloween (very close to my birthday). Wish me luck. My Grandmother made cherry bounce but not from cherries bought in the grocery store. She made it from a native tree that made tiny little cherries that had seeds as large as the tiny fruit. I'm not sure what the correct name of the tree is. Actually this was how it was most likely made here years ago since cherries don't grow here. Any one know the name of the tree? Adele- Patience is a virtue and will be rewarded. Best to you. Cherry Bounce, never tasted it, but it sounds like something for the next family gathering. Tightly screw on the lid and put in a cool part of the pantry for 6 months. My cherries are bouncing away! Thanks. What other recipes do you have for Bing Cherries? Mary. Cinnamon would make a great addition to this banana bread recipe! Thanks Rosemary!. It may just need to cook a little longer. So glad you enjoyed the recipe Ben and thanks for the tips on using parchment paper and an instant read thermometer!. I didn't have a "small crock dish" to put this in, so I put the mixture in my 2 qt crock inside my 7qt crockpot. It came out great, however it took 8 hours on low. Thinking of trying High heat next time, or maybe buying the dish it needs. I am making this now. I have done crockpot pumpkin bars and that recipe had you put water in the crockpot and then the pan on top. I didn't do that, are we supposed to? This smells heavenly now. I can't wait to try this. Thanks!! I made this, but the top was gooey and not cooked even after 6 hours. I made in 5qt crock, directly in the crock. Gale that is a great idea! hmmmm now to rethink a few other recipes I have been itching to try in the crock-pot. LAKEHEAD LAURENTIAN MEDICINE Northern Ontario School of Medicine Ecole de medicine du Nord de l'Ontario NOW HIRING Project Manager Faculty Affairs. A stroll down Mackinac Island's Main Street in summer means the tempting aromas of fudge wafting from every shop. We have captured the essence of the island's most famous export in this elegantly smooth liqueur. Mark calls it his Goldilocks liqueur not too bitter and not too sweet, just right! I am sorry this didnt work out. Did it seem like it was cooked thru? or cooked too much? Do you have a newer crock-pot? Some of the newer ones seem to run at a higher temperature. This is an excellent base recipe. I have a 6.5 at crockpot. I adjusted the recipe to our taste. We doubled the recipe, added 1 tbs of cinnamon, 1 cups of walnuts, and 1 tbs of vanilla. It only took 3 hours cooking on high. I did spray the non-stick spray as well. The loaf came out absolutely prefect. I'm hoping you all will come up with a cinnamon quick bread similar to this. Just made this. It exceeded expectations! Super delicious and a great texture. I'm going to try to use this as a template to make slow cooker pumpkin bread. Will also be checking out more recipes on this site. Thanks for a great one. It's in the crockpot (I'd put it into the 2qt before reading allll the words so now it's in the 6qt.) We're on a banana kick in our house so I'm hoping for the best! Whoops forgot, I did only 1 cup of white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar. So glade you enjoyed this recipe Kim, that just makes our day!. So glad it came out perfect for you Melissa!. Kaycan's Customer Service Team Lead has a simple goal: to offer the best customer experience to all our customers. JOB POSTING Principal 2019-2020 School Year Temagami First Nation (TFN) is seeking a Principal/Special Education Resource Teacher/ at the Laura McKenzie Learning. This was so comforting. Made this per the recipe adding cinnamon, no chocolate chips. Cooked in a 3.5 quart slow cooker, lined with parchment paper buttered. Placed a paper towel under the lid to absorb moisture. Cooked on low four hours. Moist, sweet, nice crumb, crunchy and chewy edges. Will make this again. Will be making again using homemade applesauce and apple pie spice instead of bananas. Thanks for this great recipe and technique. Making this now in two smaller slowcookers. One will be for myself and neighbors and one for Thanksgiving coming up. They still have about an hour to go but boy do they smell good, and have risen substantially. I'll let you all know how they turn out. I'll say I substituted vanilla flavored Greek yogurt for oil, and replaced 1/4 of the cup of sugar with brown sugar, just because. I didn't add any extras though I was tempted to add some cinnamon chips(never seen them before, but they sounded good with the brown sugar– but then, peanut butter chips sounded good too. Maybe next time I'll try one with each of those.). The backwoods of Northern Michigan shelter the legends of both the Michigan Dogman and moonshining. The lore of each is prolific and often intertwined. Within this bottle these legends unite to become reality. Created from the finest Michigan wheat, this moonshine embodies the best of what is legendary!