Scorpio man and pisces woman break up

I am in love with a sun and venus Scorpio with Sagittarius mars. I am Cancer sun venus Leo and mars Virgo. Found out he is engaged, I left, he lied about it, blamed me called me disloyal, told me not to contact him anymore. Im crushed in a thousand pieces. Ive dealt with other Scorps, but nothing close to the degree of the connection we have. Im in fear this is my soul mate and because he already found someone before we met, he will settle for her. Im gonna have to live life not feeling this intensified love for someone else ever again. Should I let go, or fight? The pain hurts yet feels good at the same time, love is. . Cap moon unemotional? No, not unemotional at all. Very deep, very intuitive and a 6th sense for knowing that the person we want to show the full force of our love to has their attentions elsewhere! Your boyfriend is not a placeholder just because the one you want to be with is incarcerated. You've said that he's the best boyfriend you ever had. Why not try appreciating what you and you will see how very emotional a Cap can get! I have something I just wrote today on my dog walk. Often I get the most insightful thoughts when I'm walking my dog in the early morn. The love of my life, back in 13 years, has saggi sun, scorpio venus. I was in love with him many years, although we are apart, the connection are still there, he still text me this years. But I think I must move on, we don't live in the same country it's so hard. Sex and relationships with Venus in Scorpio can have the power to heal, or at least transform, both partners in some way. This can only happen after some form of death or loss in your relationship. Hi, all It's been such a wonderful articles to read and I've read it 3 times in a row yesterday evening, all of the comments here are amazing!. Venus in Scorpio men are attracted to women who are mysterious, silent, confident, in control, and powerful. They are attracted to a partner who is capable of deep emotional intimacy. When it comes to physical looks, they are attracted to sexy women who exude sexual magnetism subliminally, but not attracted to flirty types. Omg I'm a venus in Pisces + Jupiter and this touched me omg. That's beautiful. Both of these planets square my Pluto (sag). I believe souls were meant to merge in a deep soul love connection. But since reality fails to meet that I have a fantasy lover instead and her names Romana. Haha call me weird I know. Hi I never know where to post comments on these articles! Lol but I'm Libra sun Venus (conjunct Uranus!) in Scorpio too, sun conjunct Pluto one degree! Eight house moon in Aquarius! It's torture, the wound up mix of emotional depth, intensity and loneliness, aahhahhh! but I feel so reassured and in company when I read these threads. I always consoled myself in relationships when I was younger that my soul mate would still appear or emerge, I had hope, but as I get older. I'm nearly 40 but I seem in my 20's to finding the terrible longings for soul mate/twin soul type of love unbearable and consuming. It's like a life's purpose for us, where other people think relationships are just something that they box tick to be conventional members of society lol! Above all, don't be an emotional wimp. Yes, be emotional by expressing your deep feelings, but be proud and confident about your feelings. Scorpio lovers have no respect for an emotional wimp. They have no respect for weakness of any kind. They want a strong, powerful lover. Strong, for them, means having the confidence to experience deep emotional bonding. If you have a fear of commitment, you shouldn't even be reading this article. They like to keep romantic things private. Don't declare your love in the middle of a football game on the big screen in front of the entire stadium. The scorpion will crawl under a rock and never forgive you for embarrassing them. They prefer to keep your love just between the two of you. The eyes are the windows to the soul The smile is what welcomes you in The calmness of mind is what comforts Then comes the touch of the skin. Some famous (and infamous) people with Venus in Scorpio are Leonardo Dicaprio, Bill Gates, Denzel Washington, Bruce Lee, Charles Manson, Matt Damon, Ethan Hawke, Lucky Luciano, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Anne Hathaway, and Alicia Silverstone. The current one is unexpected. He is Virgo sun, Scorpio venus, Taurus mars, gemini moon. The moment we met was like a destiny calling. We met in October 2014, and I have to continue visit him 1-2times /months since then because of my illness. The first few months that we seeing each other, I can feel, we knew form the right start that we will definitely fall for each other but he or I didn't make any further advancement, both of us just keep calm in a professional way. But only his intense stare in my eyes through my souls and his penetrate looking at every inches of my skin make me know that he 's interested:). His approach make me feel intimidate somehow, but I tolly understand because I'm scorpio Mars/mercury too, I can tell if someone doesn't get use to this energy, you either like it or hate it. I 'm a libra sun, leo venus but in my love relationship, I feel I am more toward to this articles. Maybe because I have scorpio mars square leo venus, and mercury,uranus, eros, karma,destinn,Angel all landing in scorpio;). Let them know that you want something deeper and more serious than a casual relationship. Let them know you want to be with them forever and ever. That's what they want. Romantic dates, fun outings, and expensive gifts are all minor compared to their main priority: soul-level bonding like Romeo and Juliet. You must provide experiences of deep emotional bonding rather than just sex and romance to catch a Scorpio lover. Most importantly, if you want them to feel that you love them, they must sense that you are very deep, emotionally. If you are shallow, light-hearted, and fun, you will lose them. Wow Iris your relationships sound just like mine. I currently am in a relationship too where he is the best boyfriend n it is the best relationship i have ever had yet there is not that soulful passionate connection. And i too love someone from afar or i should say still love him. He is an ex but is incarcerated now but loves me to this day n always will. I am his everything but he is a tortured soul. I will never find anyone to love me as much as he does. I dont know if i could love anyone so much again either. So much passion n desire i so crave it just like u. I am a Libra w scorpio venus such an oxymoron if u ask me lol. My current guy is a scorpio w capricorn mars. We get along so well but that cap mars really tames his scorpio characteristics along with his cap moon too so unemotional. The love of my life (incarcerated) is a Leo w Cancer mars there i believe is where all our passion n desire lies. Scorp venus n cancer mars truly a soulful connection!! The giving up on soul love, just for a nice relationship is something I find it so hard to do, cause us Libras can see the good in many people and hate to be alone, and to a point it's easy for us to connect on a fairly close level. But where our suitor or admirer might feel it's a deep bond we just know we can go so much further, and I'm tired of hurting the wrong guys, cause they aren't quite IT and longing for the deeper off the charts love that didn't work out because of sabotage, bad timing, crossed wires. I also find because I want that deep deep connection so badly, that's why it's so hard to find, I can please the ones I'm not as passionate about so easily, couldn't be cooler and more appealing,and they'll be proposing marriage, and it's precisely cause I don't care obsessively and don't care the way my Scorpio Venus needs lol. But when I want him badly, I get obsessive and jealous and feel the floor is gonna go from under it and I've found so many painful, can't work out passionate connections im Wondering if that's the curse of it, that we sense who can torture us and only want them. But the longing and the torture is part of what we love, and I just hope I can find the balance of that sweet, subtle 'torture' and connection and something that will last, someone who I can get past the Venus in scorpio self sabotage with. I'm working on my heart always, on what I give in non-sexual non romantic relationships too, cause I think Venus in Scorpio kinda only cares about sex and romance, and I realize maybe I don't give as much as I could have in platonic ways,and to platonic things-we bring sex and seduction whether we mean to or not to everything, we just grow up thinking it's normal lol I'm hoping widening and broadening my ability to love, and giving and receiving more, platonically, even though as a Libra I'm generally good to people, on the face of it. But I'm hoping it will help in making those extreme relationships that I focus on and crave more fulfilling, more whole, and more lasting. Cause I feel th. Beautiful poem. I'm a scorp with a cap guy and i appreciate this love very much. It is home to me. Then again, from 4 months of visits, he start to make first informative talk to me. With his gemini moon,a little chitchat make the situation more relief! Moreover, when he start a sweet talk with me, I feel he use his "moon", the private part of his emotional with me;) Before I kind of thinking that gemini moon is too light for me but without this moon wit The hand should be gentle and steady No need for trapeze-like shows The eyes should hold still with sincerity The heart like a diamond glows. Awesome. I feel u. Go with your Heart, always. I Am in love with a man 7,000 miles away but in my heart. Distance means nothing. He is married. You love him. Go with your heart. Many married people are dying of loneliness. Frivolity has no place in the game Only love should reign supreme As lights flicker dim and darkness takes hold Two souls merge into a dream. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] .There is a tide in the affairs of men, trying to invent something!" "I-I'm a little girl," said Alice, rather doubtfully. As soon as the ink is dry on the birth certificate, turn in the name of your little Pisces boy for the lead in the first future production of Peter Pan or the girl for. A Pisces man has no prejudices. He'll never judge an Indian until he's walked a few miles in his moccasins, or a nudist until he's tried going barefoot. Even then he'll understand and not pass critical judgment. He's very short on cold accusations and very long on warm tolerance. He'll even make a stab at trying to understand his mother-in-law, and how many men do that? The Neptune male possesses a rare sympathy of spirit. His friends confide in him and never worry that he'll be shocked. It takes a real blockbuster to shock the fish. If you and I and your Piscean were all three sitting in a room, and a man walked in and told us he was a little worried because he was a bigamist, with four different wives in four different states- you might glare at him and think he deserved to go to jail; He may try Yoga and Zen, or experiment with occult beliefs, and hell probably be interested in astrology and numerology, even reincarnation. Like the Scorpio, he was born with an understanding of esoteric principles, and these things are usually good for him. They help keep his emotions stable, and they provide an anchor for his vivid imagination. Pisces men get upset now and then, but their anger is seldom violent or long lasting. When it's over, the waters grow placid again, and life is just as peaceful as before. Some Neptune males do a little yelling around the house, but it's harmless. It's almost impossible for the fish to really bellow, like Taurus the bull, for example. See how lucky you are? Rex Harrison Ben Heeht Victor Hugo Ted Kennedy Gordon MaeRae. If he tells you not to get on that plane or in that car, you'd better plan to swim or walk. The line forms to the right. And please don't crowd. There may not be enough Pisces women for every man, but that's no reason to be unruly. You'll have to take your turn, and hope for the best. We are but older TEENren, dear, Who fret to find our bedtime near. Try to untangle your probably rosy state of mind and make sure that Pisces fellow you're about to join in a moonlight swim knows when the tide is coming in. If he takes it at the flood, you're as lucky as any girl can be. On to fame and fortune! But if, perchance, your Pisces lad can't see the tide for the stardust in his eyes, and he misses that big flood-well, let me warn you that those Neptunian shallows can result in some of the most dismal miseries you'll ever know. "You mean the one who took his coffee break with us yesterday?". Then fill up the glasses with treacle and ink, Or anything else that is pleasant to drink. Someday, either the Piscean philosophy of freedom of expression or the conformist concept will win. My money is on Pisces. Of course, your friendly, warm-hearted little Neptunian must be taught that people expect him to adjust eventually to their crazy-quilt, upside-down concepts in order to survive. But if he's shoved too hard by stem, negative adults, he'll lose his way back to the other side of the looking-glass. Don't steal his key. He needs to slip over there now and then, to refresh himself with the true wisdom of the Red Queen and the White Knight. Then he can better cope with the real world of war, poverty, disease, hypocritical ethics and ingratitude. Your little fish needs a cloak of protection against the cold winds to come. Knit it yourself with bright, gay sturdy yam. Try to understand his Neptune ways. Guide him tenderly, wisely, and when he's tall enough, he may someday suddenly reach out and catch one of his silver stars to bring home to you. Then you'll be glad you didn't laugh at his dreams. Better clear off a spot on the mantle right now. Hush-a-by lady, in Alice's lap! Till the feasts ready, -we've time for a nap:. Edward Albee Harry Belafonte Elizabeth Browning Luther Burbank Enrico Caruso Frederic Chopin Grover Cleveland Albert Einstein Jaekie Gleason Handel. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;. "You are old" said the youth; "one would hardly suppose That your eye was as steady as ever;. 'Well, what are you?" said the Pigeon. "I can see you're. She found herself at last in a beautiful garden, among the bright flower-beds and the cool fountains. Sample conversation in an office about a typical Pisces executive:. Now that we've been brave and practical about the bread and wine type, we can talk about the other kind of Pisces, the one who grabbed the tide at its flood. Obviously, he's a real catch for any girl. There's always the chance he could turn out to be an Einstein or a George Washington, which would be simply wonderful. You couldn't ask for much more, though I suppose Einstein might have been a little engrossed in his equations on weekends and George may have brought a few problems home from the office at night. But you don't have to seek perfection. Even a super practical Capricorn or an aggressive, driving Aries man can have little flaws. The point is that a Piscean who fights his way upstream will have plenty of chances to lay the twin gifts of fame and fortune at your feet And he's quite a guy in other ways, too. If you're about to fall over the dam for a Neptunian, you should paste those lines on your compact mirror, where you can see them every time you powder your nose. They may possibly make or break your future, not to mention your heart.