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When Knuckles is electrocuted in 'Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed', you can see his skeleton. super sonic transformation the sad sonic version sonic sa1 sonic adventure. sonic metal sonic sonic and all stars racing transformed sonicedit gamingedit * *saasrt he does a little spin jump of joy in the beginning but it looked shit as a gif so i couldnt add it also soz for the ps3 graphics. spider-man marvel comics spider-man no more spider gwen venom bartman howard the duck megatron sonic the hedgehog transformers rat-man dylan dog. Rest of the (insert pencil here) requests I did!. What caused the deaths of these, you may ask? Corporate mandates. Not because the technology wasn't there. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed sega sonic sonic the hedgehog. 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Not because there were no good ideas left. And not because of budget issues. These were all (Except for Toys R Us) cancelled because asshole executives wanted them cancelled. Ellen DeGeneres was gluing action figures to my knees. Big, clunky Transformers action figures and she was bad at it so they kept falling off. I told her over and over again that I'd only come for one tattoo and that this wasn't what I wanted, but every time I did so she glared at me and returned to adding to my sleeve of ugly Sonic the Hedgehog tattoos. When she was done, most of the Transformers figures fell off but a plastic frog stayed on my hand and I managed to befriend it. Bowsette Eggman sonic mario nintendo crossover Thanos Darth Vader Marvel Marvel Comics Star Wars Megatron Transformers anime robotnik Bison street fighter Frieza Dragon Ball Z not mine Bowser Peachette. Time Freeze Blowjob game Time Freeze Blowjob: Hentai animation. 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