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This page was last updated on 31 May, 2007

Map of Algeria

Roblox account dump 2016:
Definition Field Listing
RbxSync was an open source Roblox plugin that easily integrated any third-party code editor or IDE, such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, VS Code, or Atom, into ROBLOX Studio. I have since dropped support for it in favor of Rojo and a VS Code extension I made for it. Software Engineer @ ekiwi, LLC Web, SQL, Sysadmin, REST, Android & iOS, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, React, React Native, Beanshell, Git, SVN. Votum is a Discord bot for managing small party voting systems such as a council or small group who want to deliberate on matters democratically. It allows council members to create "motions", which can then be voted upon and passed by the other councilors. Aurora is a library that can manage status effects (known as "Auras") in your Roblox game. These Auras are much akin to "buffs" and "debuffs" as seen in many games. Using Aurora can help you stay sane while managing complex game state when multiple parts of your game need to keep track of or change the same resource. It's like Redux, but for games! Poll Dancer is a simple Discord bot that allows you to create beautifully simple quick reaction-based polls for your community. The Third Crusade is a multiplayer faction-based Roblox game that takes place during 1191 A.D., featuring appropriate combat and visuals from the time period. The player travels back in time to walk through the footsteps of one of their ancestors who lived back then by accessing a futuristic machine created by an evil corporation. Aquaman: Home is Calling is a multiplayer MMORPG-esque underwater experience wherein the player becomes Aquaman to overcome trials to become the King of Atlantis. This game was sponsored by Warner Brothers and produced by Roblox in order to promote the then-upcoming Aquaman film. Working as part of a team for several months, we implemented custom solutions to problems like underwater pathfinding with navigation mesh generation, enemy AI, a polymorphic Unit system to model any combatant (be it a player or an AI-controlled NPC), and a state management system named Aurora. Radial Sprite Sheet Generator 2018, TypeScript, React, Lua. RadialSpriteSheetGenerator is a project that generates radial sprite sheets (what a surprise!). It is another project born out of necessity, because Roblox doesn't support clipping masks for images. It can generate a stereotypical "loading ring" or "circular progress indicator" out of any image you choose, paired with a Lua module that lets you pass in a percentage and it will autonatically pick the closest image from the sprite sheet. I've been programming in Lua on Roblox since 2009, and use it as my hobby game development platform. It's what got me started with programming! EvLightning is a Roblox Lua library that aims to generate realistic-looking lightning bolts out of Parts. This could be used to easily add lightning strike effects to your game. Roblox scripting Q&A community with over 25,000 members. Website development, database management, systems administration, creation and maintenance of internal frameworks, phone apps, web scraping in Java and Node.js. RoVer is an open source, drop-in verification Discord bot that will allow your members to safely authenticate their Roblox account on your Discord server. RoVer currently has over 650,000 verified users, and totals in at over 65,000 Discord servers.