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[ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] Pre-OCONUS travel File (PRO-File) Step-by-step instruction. HQDA Guidance. -. i created this file because i plan to use tangrams extensively in my classroom. the. If data is incomplete or improperly formatted, the program will display an alert and allow the user to correct deficiencies. Complete a PRO-File survey by providing data in all mandatory fields, to include photo upload, and completing a minimum of four questions in at least four of the background question sections. Keep a copy of your certificate for your records and then provide a copy to your immediate supervisor or your Personnel Recovery Officer (PRO). You can return to the site any time to print a copy of your certificate. I am a civilian. Do I have to complete the survey? Your PRO or PR staff-section has the ability to track, by-name, who in your command has or has not completed a survey within a five minute window of accuracy. Each Soldier also receives a completion certificate which can be filed in their training records and into their Digital Training Management System (DTMS) in AKO. You should only have to complete the survey one time during your military career. PR managers can transfer your data to your gaining UIC when you out-process your losing unit. All personnel traveling OCONUS are required to complete a DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP). Army personnel will use the Pre-OCONUS travel File (PRO-File) fulfill this requirement. This applies to all military, Army Civilian, and contractor personnel supporting Army forces. Army forces under the Operational Control of USASOC or USSOCOM are exempt from this requirement and will follow USSOCOM guidance to meet the pre-deployment requirement. All personnel will complete a PRO-File survey in accordance with HQDA guidance. Valid AKO username and password Two digital photographs (see slides 10 and 11 for acceptable photographs) A computer printer (to print completion certificate). Note: searches will only return results for those people that have entered a survey– there is no information about users that have not yet used the system. -The bookkeepers solution. .using modern technology. writing up cash books the smartbank way!. step by step– summary. step 1). -. 12.1 what is a file?. a file is a collection on information, usually stored on a computer's disk. information can be saved to files and then later reused. 12.2 file. Completion of ISOPREPs has been a pre-deployment requirement since the beginning of the Global War on Terror. PRO-File was developed to make it easier to meet this requirement and standardize the format across the force. Authorization came from the Chief of Staff of the Army, through the Army G-3/5/7 to increase Personnel Recovery capability. GOT DATA? Step-by-Step Guide to Making Data Work for You. The results can be sorted by clicking on any column header. After successful data entry the program will display a certificate for the user. -. a workflow overview. know evaluating your photographs ranking and sorting in bridge photo editing workflow show rank and sort last project in bridge create file management structure in s: drive level of thinking apply. -. file system issues. what is the role of files? If I allow my Soldier's to do this on their off-time, how will I track their completion for pre-deployment?. Submitted information can not be retrieved by the individual. To reproduce certificates return to log-in screen and select certificate from the tabs at the top of the page.