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In other words, a fault would have to have 1,000 4.0 events to prevent the occurrence of a single 6.0, or a million 4.0 events (1,000 times 1,000) to prevent a single 8.0. CLINTON, KENTUCKY -- A small earthquake centered in western Kentucky rattled residents across parts of Illinois, Kentucky and three other states Monday morning. No damage was reported. 12 Gracie Wants to Listen to Jack on the Radio. 01 Jack Leaves for New York to do TV Show. These catastrophic earthquakes occurred during a three-month period in December 1811 and early 1812. They caused permanent changes in the course of the Mississippi River, which flowed backwards temporarily, and were felt as far away as New York City and Boston, Massachusetts where churchbells rang. Large areas sank into the earth, fissures opened, lakes permanently drained, new lakes were formed, and forests were destroyed over an area of 150,000 acres (600 km²). Many houses at New Madrid were thrown down. "Houses, gardens, and fields were swallowed up" one source notes. But fatalities and damage were low, because the area was sparsely settled. Hundreds of aftershocks followed over a period of several years. All three major quakes are generally believed to have exceeded 8.0 on the Richter Scale, and some seismologists believe the largest was 9.0 or larger. 06 Getting Goldwyn to do 'The Life of Jack Benny'. 21 From the Ritz Theater in New York. 29 Jack Training for Fight with Fred Allen. Formation: Catarina developed off a cold-core stationary upper-level trough became established offshore southern Brazil on March 12, 2004. 30 Steve Bradley wants to be Jack Benny's Agent. The 3.9 magnitude quake centered near Clinton hit at 7:21 a.m. and was felt in southern Illinois, western Kentucky, southeast Missouri, northwest Tennessee and eastern Arkansas, said Diane Noserale, spokeswoman for the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, Va. Annie 360000 1027 Light In the Mysterious Deserted House. 31 Next Sunday Jack Will Play 'The Bee'. 02 Jack Loses $475 at the Race Track. 21 Jack Dreams of the Race Horse 'Texas Sandman'. So easy; it took me less than a minute to submit. Get a mortgage rate quote so that you can purchase a new home or renovate your existing home. Maybe you're looking to invest in real property and need a real estate loan, or maybe you just want to refinance. These are all possibilities, and there are lenders that want your business— you just need to find them. I rarely write reviews, but I felt the need because this website has been an invaluable resource for my clients and myself. I am a commercial real. Business loans can be tough. They often take a lot of footwork. When a company lends to a business, they are putting a lot of faith in that business. Be better informed for the largest investment of your life. You want to make sure that your needs and goals line up with what the lender is seeking. 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