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please help us do the toysfortots program in my area please. Thank you for submitting your complaint to the FTC. Based on the information you have given us, we believe the following links to our consumer website may be helpful to you: There's a young Spanish guy going around my apartment complex trying to collect cable boxes from tenants when services are temporarily interrupted. When the tenant in one case tried questioning the fake rep. He said let me call my supervisor but left and ran to his car and took off. What the hell is going on Spectrum? If you have any questions or would like us to add additional information to your complaint, please call 877-382-4357 to speak with a counselor. When you call, please have this reference number: 101584942 to help us quickly retrieve your information. ABOUT US GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK SCAM ALERTS 10 WAYS TO AVOID FRAUD. I will cancel my service if I lose my local news. I can stream it– I don't need a cable company for that. Link My Phone Numbers to My Utility Account. From time to time the corporate leadership at Charter Communications headquarters may change. You can find the most current list of corporate officials and members of the Board of Directors on the investor relations side of the website. Phone Number: If you want to contact Charter Communications headquarters by phone call 1-314-965-0555. If customer service better fits your needs, call 1-888-438-2427 or 1-203-905-7801. For the past 3 weeks or so have had issues with my cable tv channels, after your tech's left the problem was still an issue, actually the last time it was worse than before, some of my neighbors also had similar issues, there is much to explain so i would appreciate a call back and not from a tech but from someone in corporate,. Website: The official website for Charter Communications headquarters is located at How can Kathleen Griffin even dare send out an email indicating that customers will be losing two movie channels in February (unless we want to pay extra for them) after raising our bills $40 per month just last month!!! All the while, customers are using old and outdated equipment, are tied to a wall, no whole home DVR, and the internet is the slowest I have seen since dial up days! This is the most expensive and worst utility we have. No wonder people are cutting the cable!!!!!!!!! This company is the worst priced, worst service, least benefit, and most outdated thing I have ever seen. You are getting this email because Spectrum in Los Angeles is having a petty dispute with Tribune and as immature idiots thought it would be a good idea to record a statement that they are punishing the viewers so we will reach out to Tribune AND release all executive emails for Tribune. I am in an unresolved conflict for over 3 weeks with Spectrum/Charter and have been lied to as far as maintaining my services from Brighthouse; lied to as for contact information to escalate resolution; kept on hold for many hours; am cheated on channels; have lousy reception (outages and not just from the recent storm. I'm talking days of no phone service, poor TV (pixels); loss of voice; have been offered "we cannot give you back what you had"; while they are charging more (also a lie as to rates on my call on the flyer); a run around like I have never experienced; a careless take it or leave it attitude when their salesman lied to me about a flyer; did not deliver what he said the company would deliver; and I was actually told by the supervisor. .we can add more channels back (those I lost and was told I would not lose) and you can pay for them. .a screwing and supposed to be happy over it. I questioned that and her answer was "yes." wake up America. the CEO is the highest paid CEO in the industry and beyond. a bait and switch scheme and worse. Charter Communications Headquarters 12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131. Charter Communications 400 Atlantic St. Stamford, CT 06901. I would like to contact your employee safety officer. Tell your peers at Spectrum to grow a pair, be accountable and negotiate a deal. The City of Stillwater is seeking applicants for Engineering Technician for the Water Utilities Engineering Department. This role will assist the Water Utilities Engineering department and other City departments in the performance of various engineering and surveying related duties. This position is part of an Engineering Technician progression classification that fills the position at the level commensurate with candidate's education, training and experience. 2015 - 2019 The City of Stillwater. All Rights Reserved. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. They assume by putting you on hold and leaving you on hold for 20-30-40 minutes you will hang up and not call back. Surprise– I don't give up! Online Temporary Street Closure and Traffic Control Request (Construction). The corporate office for Charter Communications headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri. You can contact corporate staff by mail, phone and email. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] GRASP is an educational and advocacy organization serving individuals on the autism spectrum. Information on screening, diagnosis and treatments. Site contains data and statistics, research and publications. NAA's mission is to educate and empower families affected by autism and other neurological disorders, while advocating on behalf of those who cannot fight for their own rights. Helpline: Mental Health GPS (Guiding People to Services). The mission of the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism is to promote awareness and support families affected by autism spectrum disorders. MAAP is a nonprofit organization that provides information as well as advice to families with more advanced individuals with autism, Aspergers syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). CARD's focus is to enhance the lives of individuals we serve by helping them become valued members of their communities enabling them to learn, work, communicate, and socialize. CARD offers supports within the natural contexts of homes, residences, TEEN care programs, schools, and communities at no charge. Parent sponsored, non-profit organization incorporated to generate funding for services, resources, and education to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. AutismSpeaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cure for autism, and to advocating for the needs of affected families. ASPEN is a nonprofit organization that provides education, support and advocacy for families and individuals affected with autism spectrum disorders. An organization that provides information and support for families, individuals and professionals affected by Aspergers syndrome, high-functioning autism, and other developmental disorders. GRASP: The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership. The Palm Beach School for Autism is a specialized public charter school program located in Lantana, Florida that educates TEENren on the spectrum of autism and other related disabilities. Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the education, treatment, and care of people with autism. Center for Disease Control and Preventions: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). ASA seeks to improve the lives of people affected by autism by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for services, and providing quality information regarding treatment, education, and research. Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association (AHA). Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County, Inc. Information on treating and living with autism. Purpose is to effect change in the way autism is viewed by the public discover effective treatment options. The Autism Project of Palm Beach County (APPBC).