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The Advantage Conventional Veterans Affordable Loan Opportunity Rate, or VALOR, offers qualified military veterans a conventional, fixed-rate mortgage with a preferred interest rate, priced below our standard Conventional Advantage. Revised Policy for Trailing Documents; Correction: Closing Interest on First Mortgage and Easy Close Loan; FTHB and VALOR Loans Combined Pricing; Revised Hazard Insurance Maximum Deductible. 2 A First Time Home Buyer is defined as a person who has not had an ownership interest in a principal place of residence in the last three years. Advantage Conventional Veterans Affordable Loan Opportunity Rate (VALOR) Product Information. Advantage Conventional First-Time Home Buyer (FTHB) Product Information. Borrowers must qualify for a WHEDA Advantage Conventional loan Be a FTHB, defined as an individual who has not owned a principal place of residence or had the benefit of home ownership in the last three years*. Borrowers who qualify for the VALOR program are not eligible to receive both the benefit of the VALOR preferred interest rate and the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program A VALOR preferred interest rate is not available for a WHEDA FHA Advantage loan. WHEDA-Connect Training - Broker and Mini-Corr (Underwritten by WHEDA). Program Requirements Capital Access Advantage home buyers must meet the following program requirements:. from the loan application. Once the Borrower(s) complete Home Buyer Education and Landlord Education (if applicable), they will receive a separate "certificate" for each reflecting: Maximum loan is the greater of 3% (3.5% if FHA) of the purchase prices or $3,050. What can be included in the mortgage? (2). any WHEDA Advantage Conventional program or the WHEDA Advantage FHA Program and purchasing a:. HomeStyle Renovation "maximum amount of improvements" allowed is determined by:. WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates; Policy and Procedure Update; Updated Single Family Roster. the property plus renovation costs The "subject to" appraised value of the property. Click the link at the top of the page to access the system. $50,000 50% of the "subject to" appraised value of the property. The only cost is a recording fee of $30 Must pair the Capital Access Advantage with a WHEDA first mortgage loan up to 105%. Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program Updates; MCC Forms and Exhibits. Watch this video to learn how to get certified for the MCC program. Conventional and FHA overlay Grid Revisions; New WI Security Agreement; Conventional Loan Limit changes; WHEDA Form revisions. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23]