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All online purchases made via the links on the. So ideally SPA members will get into the way of using. web pages generate commission for the Scottish Pool Association. Minutes of 2018 League AGM held on Tuesday 28th August 2018 in Cawburn. When you place your order funds are raised for the SPA. you will be taken to that retailer's web site. They are responsible for your order. Chairman M Cowan Treasurer S Kynoch IM Secretary S Aird Fixture Secretary W McEwan. DAVE THOMSON IS UNAVAILABLE FOR NEXT 3 WEEKS TO PKAY IN Tuesday Leavue DUE TO WORK COMMITMENTS. 4. Committee Election for 2018-19 Season. The newly appointed committee members were agreed as follows: To access all results and latest league positions visit. The committee and team representatives expressed their thanks to Robert Peebles for his proactive and efficient running of the league IM competitions over the past few seasons. Sean Aird will pick up Roberts role as IM secretary. Thanks go to Sean for picking up this position. as their first port of call for online purchases. Teams in attendance:- MC Cawburn, JP Cawburn, DE Cawburn, Ewington, Paraffin Lamp. 5. A discussion took place regards the continuation of charging each team player, as recorded on the weekly League Match Team Sheet, £1 per player per week fixture played. i.e. a team recording 6 players on their League Fixture Score sheet would be due £6 for that week. A team recording 8 players would be due £8. It was agreed that the £1 per player/league match would be continue this season. 3. Treasurers Report submitted and agreed as correct. Proposed John Paterson, Seconded Derek Easton. The way to see commission rates is by clicking the A-Z tab on. This being all the general business the Chairman and Treasurer then presented the prizes to the winners of last years competitions. 2. The minutes of the 2017 League AGM meeting held on 14th August 2017 were tabled and agreed as accurate. Proposed David Kerr, Seconded Sean Aird. 7. Malcy Cowan confirmed that the Super 15 were being held on November 2nd - 4th 2018. A post will be placed on the league website announcing the event and request players to advise of their availability for selection. It's worth emphasizing that purchases are made at no extra cost to members than had they gone straight to the purchase site. .. the only difference is that the SPA raise funds at the same time when you go through. 8. Malcy Cowan, Cawburn Inn, confirmed he would sponsor the league competitions for £300 this season.