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A seemingly indestructible android is sent from 2029 to 1984 to assassinate a waitress, whose unborn son will lead humanity in a war against the machines, while a soldier from that war is sent to protect her at all costs. After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy. View production, box office, & company info on IMDbPro. 'Twilight Zone' Reboot Fails to Find a New Dimension. Claim your page and control your brand across IMDb & Amazon. View production, box office, & company info on IMDbPro. When a killer shark unleashes chaos on a beach resort, it's up to a local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old seafarer to hunt the beast down. Taron Egerton's Elton John Biopic 'Rocketman' to Premiere at Cannes. Stars: Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette. 'Shazam!' #1 for Second Weekend as 'Little' Tops 'Hellboy' to Lead Newcomers. An NYPD officer tries to save his wife and several others taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. Taglines: He's having the day of his life over and over again. Born on the original Christmas in the stable next door to Jesus, Brian of Nazareth spends his life being mistaken for a messiah. 'The Mandalorian' First Footage: 'Star Wars' Live-Action TV Series Introduces a Mysterious Mission. An insurance salesman discovers his whole life is actually a reality TV show. Not counting Caddy shack, this is Bill Murray's best performance. While Christmas and Halloween have their annual holiday movies, who would have thought that Groundhog Day would have a movie of its own. A terrific (family) movie, Bill Murray stars as a sullen / sarcastic news reporter who is stuck living the same day over and over again. .until he gets it right. This comedy stands alone as one of the funniest and most original movies of the 90's. Not many comedies can be funny and also end with a moral. Groundhog Day has both. Before the Farrelly Brothers or Wes Anderson found an audience, there was Groundhog Day. Pennsylvania never looked better or funnier. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table embark on a surreal, low-budget search for the Holy Grail, encountering many, very silly obstacles. Marty McFly, a 17-year-old high school student, is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his close friend, the maverick scientist Doc Brown. Stars: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson. A weatherman finds himself inexplicably living the same day over and over again. Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire of the same name, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it. Shows like this were part of the reason CNN landed on TheWrap's top 5 media winners of 2014 list, along with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, The Blaze's Glenn Beck, Lebron James, and ABC News. Don Lemon, Rolling Stone Make Columbia Journalism's Worst of 2014 List. CNN Reports on Sony From Everywhere. Even Mom's House (Video). CNN Fires Back at Bill Cosby's Attorney for Remarkable 'Dishonesty'. Media Alley looks at the media landscape from print to digital, legacy media to new media. CNN's chief competition— Fox News and MSNBC— were both older: Fox by a decade, at 68, and MSNBC at 61; up a year from 60 in 2013. According to Nielsen, the median age of the CNN viewer during primetime dropped from 60 in 2013 to 58 in 2014. That's the lowest viewer age since 2008, which was the network's lowest since 1992. CNN Scores Youngest Audience Age of 2014 Due to Network's New Original Series. Top 5 Media Winners of the Year: TheWrap's Best & Worst 2014. CNN to Debut 'The Wonder List' With Bill Weir Next Year. CNN's median audience age in primetime dropped by two years in 2014, making it the youngest cable news network. T.J. Holmes Joins ABC News as Co-Anchor of 'America This Morning' and 'World News Now'. The advantage of these shows is two-fold: they offer speciality programming that serves a variety of audiences interested in travel, culinary and cultural programming while also being DVR-friendly. Median age of CNN primetime viewer drops from 60 to 58, according to Nielsen. More than 300 gather for vigil in Penticton to remember shooting victims. Police say the alleged robber obscured their face using an umbrella as they entered a Burnaby bank. William Barr says he will release Mueller report 'within a week'. 'We're still in a crisis': No silver bullet solution to B.C.'s opioid epidemic 3 years into public health emergency. Mueller said although his team considered charges, they determined "the government would not be likely to obtain and sustain a conviction." Continue reading→. Branded content is written by or on behalf of our sponsor and not by Global News' editorial staff. B.C. buckles up for fractious relationship with new Alberta government. 'A big draw for teens': Vancouver police want you to talk to your TEENs about 4/20. More than 2,200 Vipers fans went home disappointed, but proud of their team for making it to the finals. Continue reading→. Partial rezoning freeze for Kits and West Point Grey heads to Vancouver council. Pot sales fell in most provinces in February; Quebec bucked trend. Penticton mass shooting neighbourhood saw dozens of bylaw complaint calls: ex-city officials. While B.C.'s southern resident killer whales teeter on the edge of extinction, a smorgasbord of seals has been good news for their orca cousins. Orca sighting in Vancouver inner harbour shows health of transient killer whale population: researcher. While B.C.'s southern resident killer whales teeter on the edge of extinction, a smorgasbord of seals has been good news for their orca cousins. Defence targets police 'mistake' in day 2 of Oak Bay father's murder trial. The TSB said it has advised Transport Canada to review the efficacy of air brake system inspection and maintenance procedures for grain hopper cars used in unit train operations. Continue reading→. The driver was the only person injured in the collision. Penticton mass shooting neighbourhood saw dozens of bylaw complaint calls: ex-city officials. Mueller's redacted report says Trump didn't commit crime— stops short of exonerating him. "We are a community where these things should never happen and it's never happened before," Penticton mayor John Vassilaki said. Continue reading→. Chef David Hawksworth shows off his recipe for carrot cake pancakes with cinnamon whipped cream. Continue reading→.