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Wife has husband castrated:
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"What what are you doing?" I cried, when I was able to catch my breath. I was panicking, and not even trying to control it this time. I came again, but so weakly it hardly resembled an orgasm at all, just a spreading tickling-itching warmth deep inside my tummy. If I spurted at all, it was little more than a few tiny clear droplets. "Kelli," I stood up too quickly. The room swayed. I sat back down with a plop, nearly missing the couch entirely. I wiped my nose with the back of my hand and sniffed hard. It was no use trying to disguise the fact that I'd been crying. "What is the meaning of this?". "Oh Kenny, what do you expect me to say? Of course, I love you. You're like. I don't know, my best friend or something.". The black guy rolled his eyes and muttered something about me being a lameshit faggot but I ignored him for the time being. I'd get to him later. He poured himself a drink and made himself comfortable in my easy chair. He turned on the TV. Before they turned off the light and left me there, my wife and her lover stood by the side of the chair where I lay and looked down at my quivering, bound body. Unbelievably, I was shivering to another orgasm, but this one much weaker than the first, and with hardly any expulsion of cum. My tied off balls were already aching. "By tomorrow morning," Carlos said. "It'll already be way too late.". Along with the massage course, I also took enough cosmetology courses to do some hairstyling at the salon. Between my part-time work at the salon and my full-time job as a homemaker for Kelli and Carlos, I'm kept pretty much on my painted toes. "What are you talking about? Kelli what's going on? What's happening?". Carlos moved into the house shortly after I was castrated. Needless to say, he shares Kelli's bed. I've made up a small room in what used to be a storage area under the stairs. There are no windows but I've decorated it bright and cozy. "Just shut the fuck up," the black man said, sounding almost bored. "You're ruining my good mood. I felt one last tear roll down the side of my face. "But I really don't think that will be necessary, will it sweetie?". Kelli laid a hand on my arm. "Honey, don't.". Of course I was shocked, but what else could I do? I went downstairs poured myself a drink and then another. I was already half plastered by the time she came down. She was wrapped in her bathrobe. Behind her was the black guy wrapped in mine. I was given instructions not to try to remove the leather cord from my blackened testicles so as to avoid infection; instead, the dead flesh that my balls had become would dry up and fall off by themselves, "like a pair of rotten grapes," Kelli laughed. And that's just what happened. At first, the smell was pretty bad and I was the butt of a lot of Carlos's jokes. Kelli had me use her perfume to scent the panties I now wore all the time and that helped. Eventually, though, the flesh dried up and no longer smelled and sort of began flaking away. One night I took off my panties and found the remains of what used to be my scrotum and testicles at the bottom. I'd had a while to get used to the idea of being a feminized eunuch by then. I felt a little down, but what was done was done. I took like a lot easier now. As the saying goes, I just didn't sweat the small stuff anymore. "I can't do that, sweetie," my wife said. "Your attitude honey. It's too bad you had that little outburst. Carlos wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.". Behind me, I heard Kelli say, "Be careful Carlos. Don't hurt him too much.". Carlos chucked at that. "She don't want me to leave, you hear that sweetie?". "Sshh," my wife said, smoothing my hair back like a mother comforting a TEEN. "Enjoy it. While you can.". I guess I hardly need explain that it was the worst night of my life. My wife was upstairs fucking another man in our bed while I lay in the basement waiting for my balls to die. Because now I understood that's what they had planned for me. I struggled against my bondage but it was no use. I was too weak, too exhausted, too defeated. I lay back on the lounge chair and tried to concentrate on the pleasurable feelings the vibrator was still milking from my cock and to ignore the fatal throbbing of the tight ligature that was strangling the life from my testicles. What hero with sound mind ever waged war on women, except in the time of the Amazons?. The wife isn't Tedald's humble servant. She formally might be regarded as her husband's humble servant, but she owns his genitals. If you own a man's genitals, you own him. Castration culture, gynocentrism, and women's actual dominance over men has changed little throughout history. What makes this wife special is her decisively intervening to save her husband from castration. Few wives today even understand the force of castration culture bearing down on their husbands. [2] Antapodosis 4.10. The narrative arc implies that the sortie was subsequent to Tedald's first, mocking reference to castrating men and creating desired eunuchs. The subsequent four quotes concerning the wife saving her husband from castration are from id. On women's mourning rituals in ancient Greece, Dillon (2003) Ch. 9. Those eyes are his, as are his nostrils, hands and feet. If he needs it, let Tedald remove what belongs to my husband, but let him leave alone what is mine, I mean, what belongs to his humble servant. On his mission to Constantinople, Liudprand presented Emperor Constantine with many expensive gifts. These gifts included: { civibusque ignorantibus civitatem ingrediuntur, cunctos pueris exeptis et mulieribus trucidantes } [7]. Contrary to present-day dogma, violence against men has been and remains the dominant gender pattern of violence. So it was when Hungarians attacked the Saxon city of Merseburg in the tenth century: when he was led before him {the King} without leggings, wearing only a short tunic, and he quickly fell prostrate at the king's feet, all nearly died from laughter at the revelation of his genitals. Along with ridicule of men's genitals comes contempt for men's sexual welfare. To test the police in Constantinople, the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI (reigned 886 to 912) went out on the streets alone at night. When the police detained him and asked where he was going, he said that he was just one of the many men going to a brothel. The emperor Constantine the Great had built a large brothel in Constantinople to serve sexually deprived men, in accordance with the wisdom of Solon. Yet contempt for men's sexual welfare subsequently re-emerged. The guards beat and held in custody the man who pathetically wanted to visit a brothel. When the detained man declared that he was actually Emperor Leo VI, a prison guard scornfully declared: The long-entrenched gender structure of war favors women. For example, consider the actions of Egyptian invaders attacking the Italian city of Genoa in the tenth century: Mass-market commercials today use violence against men's genitals for laughter. Castration culture has long been exploited for laughter. Under gynocentrism, scholars in recent decades have argued at length about whether the tenth-century story of a wife saving her husband from castration expresses misogyny.[8] One might perhaps charitably interpret that scholarship as a joke. There is a more excellent way: recognizing and promoting love for men. { Oculi sunt illi, nares, manus et pedes. Si hoc egerit, sibi quae sua sunt auferat; quae mea, suae scilicet ancillulae, derelinquat. }. { Enimvero dum ante eum sine femoralibus, curta indutus endromade ductus regis ad pedes pronus concite caderet, in genitalium ostensione membrorum risu omnes emoririer. } [5]. The Amazons were ancient men-haters who waged war on men, to their own loss. The wife who loved her husband obviously wasn't an Amazon; she was a woman who worked to provide material goods for her husband and herself. Tedald understood and affirmed men's historical gentleness toward women. He also implicitly recognized that women determine who is a hero. He responded: The Latin text names the Italian leader Tedbald. Squatriti identifies him as Tedald, who died in 936 and was appointed military leader (margrave) by King Hugh of Arles in 929. Squatriti (2007) p. 145, n. 18. I follow Squatriti in referring to the Italian military leader as Tedald rather than Tedbald. Women in ancient Greece mourned deaths by exposing their hair in disarray, lacerating their faces, and wailing loudly. This wife loved her husband and, like Maximianus's beautiful and wise Greek girl, deeply appreciated his genitals. She was mourning her husband's impeding castration. Galbert chronicled horrific violence against men in medieval Flanders. Eunuchs occupied high positions in the Byzantine imperial court. But castrated Byzantine soldiers serving in Italy weren't likely to become elite courtiers in Constantinople. Many rulers have spent great wealth to gain the sexual favor of particular women. Men exchanging money for sexual access to women aren't dirty. They might be more fairly characterized as being sexually impoverished, lacking in verbal and social sophistication, and pathetic. What more cruel war on women could you wage, I ask, and how could you make it more uncomfortable for them, than to try to amputate the testicles of their men, in which lies the replenishment of our bodies, and, what is most important of all, in which lies our hope for future TEENren? For you remove not what is theirs but what is ours when you turn them into eunuchs.. I shudder before, I flee, and I want to avoid by any means this particular great loss, as cruel as irreparable. Holy gods, all of you, avert such a plague from me!". Balzaretti (2002) p. 120. Grabowski similarly didn't consider carefull Contributions of art are appreciated. I have seventeen Femdom fetish, story and essay sites. You can see the list on Sensual Sadist. My balls are tied off I am kept hard but cumless castration would be a relief I am forbidden any kind of relief I must squirm rock hard humiliated as a cumless fucktoy. 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