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There are other picture-based career interest assessments available, including Cops-Pic and Picture Interest Career Survey. Before choosing any assessment, consider the research supporting it. Also be sure it aligns with your TEEN's skill level. To find out more about RFVII-2, click here. As I learned by experience in 8th grade, career interest assessments have their limitations. They have their benefits, too. Choose and Take Action can be ordered here. Today we'll look at a few career interest assessments that can help TEENs with very limited reading or language skills begin to choose their own career exploration paths. To learn more about the YES program, click here. A bibliography of related research can be found here: YES Research Bibliography. They must be combined with thorough job analysis and skill assessment. Kate, The Your Employment Selections (YES) and Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory described in this post do not require verbal skills. They do require the ability to choose a preference from two or three pictured options. YES uses video clips. Reading Free Vocational Inventory uses black and while line drawings. Youth and adults without verbal communication skills have been able to use either of these tools. Hope that helps. Pre-requisite skills: The student must be able to choose from three options represented by pictures and be able to interpret the pictures as representing a job task. I need an interest/transition survey for adults with DD who are non-verbal. If you could recommend one, that would be soooo helpful! Many thanks, Kate. Results may suggest options TEENs would never otherwise consider. I do not benefit in any way from reviewing the products featured in this post. My intent is to introduce you to an array of effective reading-free career interest assessments. However, I can't recommend a specific assessment for a student without knowing his or her particular needs. Collaborate with other members of the IEP team to choose effective ways for your TEEN to assess career interests. Reports can be generated listing particular work environments, work tasks and job titles of interest to the participant. These jobs can then be investigated further through actual experiences in work environments. This internet-based job preference program uses videos of 120 jobs. The videos are presented in pairs, with narration describing key tasks. Participants choose one preferred job or neither from each pair. They help TEENs consider what they prefer and value. A series of 55 sets of three drawings each, depicting different job tasks, is presented. The student chooses one preferred job task in each set of three. Choose and Take Action is an interactive software program that is meant to be used on an ongoing basis as a student tries out various job choices. Accommodations: The assessment can be administered over several sessions (for students with attention limitations) and the method of response can be adapted. For example, for a student who will respond by eye-gaze, the pictures can be cut out and positioned as needed. They can point to work environments and job tasks that can be further investigated through job shadowing and community-based work assessment. The assessment yields data about preferred career clusters, work environments and job tasks. This information can guide next-step planning for job shadowing and community-based work assessment. Career interests may change over time as a person gains actual experience in various work environments. Remember my candy-striper story? Career planning is an ongoing process, not a "one-shot deal". Though it's possible to modify work environments and tasks for people who do not read, we should do our best to teach reading to all students using research-based instructional programs. You are here: Home > Autism Spectrum, Career Development, Intellectual Disabilities, Transition Assessment > Reading-Free Career Interest Assessments. [ASKDEEIPSNPPET-21-23] 31 I prefer to focus on one thing at a time. quiz is not comprehensive and is more of a guess. Our career personality test is not a career. Choosing a career can be a challenge. There are many career test and quizzes available. This assessment comes to two versions: Free and Advanced. The Free results are available once you submit your answers. The Advanced results have A LOT more information: Strengths, Weaknesses, Study Approaches and your Personality Profile. 32 I prefer to get projects started and have others finish them. Choosing a Career can be a challenging task. Money tends to be the first consideration. It often leads to an unsatisfied career. If you are going to committ nearly half of your waking life to a career, it should be one that you will enjoy! Right?!?. How did you find out about this site?. specific career. Our career aptitude test is the expert, so you don't have to be. potential careers that match your personality. Next you can review background. and details regarding a career. Please take this career quiz seriously, it takes. Enter Email Address to Send copy of results. Our career placement test provides you with educated choices. Our career placement test focuses on what matters most - your personality and your interest. Our career placement test will present approximately 40 questions. These questions gauge four aspects of your personality and then match the results with major career characteristics. 25 I prefer living in the now and focusing on the future later. The difference between a career test and a career quiz are small. A career test tends to. and we promise you will find an ideal career for you. 8 I believe it is important to be prompt for appointments. 26 I prefer making decisions based on values and feelings. a few minutes. Please be honest when answering the questions from our career aptitude test. Please complete the information below to automatically create an account so you can view your results later. be more comprehensive. A career test provides more indepth results and of course a career test. Choosing a college major is often a difficult decision. Many students choose a major - like a career for the wrong reasons. Our personality test provides insight into areas naturally related to their personality. As a result, students can make a more informed college major choice. your interest. Our career aptitude test will present approximately 40 questions. These questions gauge four.