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The Roof leaked, heater did not work, leak on the floor, gas smell was strong that I could not sleep in it, And some kind of an alarm was going off. Ended going to a hotel. Called and told them what was going on. The service dept. said I did not have extended warranty. When I called them the gave me the run around. About how the things was not covered. I took the camper back. Told them I am not paying for something that I can't live in. I talked to Tim and he said they would ruin my credit. Because they don't care. Since I took it back. Have not made one payment to the bank. returned with in the 30 days. Of my purchased date. The camper is in their lot! Could have woke up on the other side of dead! Than a Law suit could have happened! It's a death trap. While in Florida, Issues I had. 1a.) While, driving to FL, I had a battery issue where my battery did not keep charge overnight, I questioned was my battery life compromised? I only had on my LG refrigerator, being it was drained for a few weeks while sitting on the lot. 1.) The thermostat that I told them was very erratic on working properly (I could find myself standing facing the thermostat for quite a while). I would gently touch the face and it might jump one to two screens. I found I had better success if I would touch the screen then pause for a moment. The heat and air worked fine, just the thermostat was very annoying. 2.) My Second item, which I called Camping World on January 21st. I asked for Rachael but was told she no longer worked there. (I picked up within their organization there was a little discontentment to work there), Another person who did my walk thru, I found he walked also a few weeks earlier. Back to my second item I was told to speak with a Ray Shoemaker. The component that failed me was the Vacuum Breaker/Check Valve. My first outing was enjoyable and a time to get to know my rig much better. Camping World is one of the largest supporters of NASCAR racing and the Indy Racing League. To Camping World Corporate, my units VIN is. How would you rate your experience with Camping World?. Question 1: What is the phone number for Camping World?. I purchased it on October 01st 2018. Prior to me buying on Oct 01st, I gave a $2,000.00 check to hold on Sept 10th, because there were a few items in the unit that needed addressed. They generated a W.O. 174243 on Sept 18th, 2018. They took care of the damage on the corner of the love seat. They eventually repaired the bed tilt control board. My first outing was at a campground in Logansport on the River with my two sons. My youngest son Ian bought a 2018 River Forest Alpha Wolf 27RKL March of 2018. We parked our rigs on the river with my middle son who has a Travel Trailer he keeps there year-round at this Campground. SOMEONE TOOK A HAMMER AND MADE WAFFLE MARKS (from the face of the hammer) ACROSS THE floor where they were attempting to recess the screw heads. They should have the pictures in their records. Prior to leaving the unit, I made the point I did not want whomever would be doing the repair work to NOT USE a HAMMER on screw heads. Before I leaving, I let Rachael know I would need my trailer back by the first part of December, because I would be traveling to Florida for at least two months. Camping World began as an amusement park outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 1966. Originally nothing more than a campground without RV hookups, visitor's to the amusement park used to inquire where they could obtain camping supplies. The son of the amusement park's owner, Dave Garvin, took out a small loan and opened his store. I will never purchase anything from camping world again! My husband and I paid cash for a new camper. The camper had a short where the lights were not functioning therefore we could never drive anywhere in the evening. When we took it in for repair they not only tore off the back of the camper to fix the short (which ended up causing water damage) they tore our awning. Which now they are saying they will not replace. They've had our camper for the past 4 weeks with no calls to update us until today! WORST SERVICE EVER! My wishes would be to take my unit if I may to another dealership if possible. I'm wanting to use my Unit in the month of June. Can you give me any guarantee's I will have my unit back in a timely manner? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Answer 1: The phone number for Camping World is (847) 808-3000. When I returned from our camping, I returned the Unit to Camping World. Another W.O. 17528 was generated on Oct 26th. (Screw heads, ((the shower door, which I fixed myself)), Thermostat, water leaking into my unit, poor job on caulked sealant in various places of unit, and screwheads sticking up on rubber on slide outs), Theatre seating still was rubbing against the wall, I had asked for them to be moved out at least a 1 ½". Note! I had made note to Charlie on Oct 01st, also in the Service dept. about the scratches on the face of my freezer and refrigerator doors. He took pictures. This is where I want to draw your attention. I walked through my Unit at Camping World with a Service Attendant (Rachael Scott). I wish to point out she did a wonderful job on trying to document the issues. I showed her the floor, she took some pic's, but my camera took better pic's than hers, so I sent them to her. I spoke with Rachael and she informed me of the floor repair, so I drove my hour drive to Camping World to view the floor repair, (I do not have exact date, I changed phones and do not have my history) Note! When I walked out onto the lot to my trailer, I found my battery was completely dead. She had to get a battery pack to hook up to my battery for me to run my slide out. NOT GOOD FOR A BRAND NEW BATTERY Once inside this is what I found? I recently applied f. While there my Son noticed when the sunlight was shining inside trailer at the right angle on the floor there was some bumps sticking up on the vinyl floor. After getting on our knees, we found that there were several screw heads that were not countersunk into the subfloor and they were causing the vinyl floor to stick up. It was obvious if not addressed over time the screw heads would eventually break through the vinyl. I also noticed scratches on freezer door and refrigerator door, when lighting was just at the right angle. Question 2: Who is the CEO of Camping World?. When I extend and retract my awning I would like to know if the slight shaking is a normal process? Maybe when they address the recall below, they can evaluate this. Having shared all of the above. I was told they had received authorization to replace thermostat and repair the floor and they had both in hand at Camping World in Greenwood, IN. I have major questions in regards to the flooring issue, (How would they replace, the questions are you have two slide outs to deal with, etc.. ) I also have received a NHTSA RECALL 18V752. The fasteners used to mount the awning arms, could potentially allow the awning arm to come loose from the sidewall. As you can see from above my experience of dealing with Camping World in Greenwood, IN has been totally disappointing, aggravating, very unprofessional, lack of customer satisfaction in so many measures. I have a question below for you (Camping World Corporate) Having retired and this being my first 5th Wheel experience and having to deal with Camping World has been totally way below sub-par. This is way too generous of a statement. I Thank You in advance for addressing my request. 259 comments read them below or add one.